Here is a great deal! 2013 Sprinter Airstream Interstate RV for $97,500


The Boss said, cut the price to get this SOLD!

Check the price on a new 2014, they list for $151,000. This one only has 13,000 miles and is really nice.

$97,500 buys it, and we have financing available.

Let me know what questions you have, and take advantage of the price reduction.

Call Dave at 512-930-6158 or email

Sprinter 4×4 pricing and pre-orders

Here you go, the Sprinter 4 wheel drive option pricing!

Option Package X29 High Range 4×4 – $6,500
Option Package X30 Low & High Range 4×4 – $6,800

So you can now take the price for the 2 wheel drive Sprinter of your choice and add one of the above option prices. Don’t forget that all 4 wheel drive Sprinter vans will have the optional V6 turbo diesel with the 5 speed automatic transmission.

All models can be ordered in 4 wheel drive, Cargo, Crew and Passenger models. In the 3500 dual rear wheel series you have to have the 11,030 GVWR option to get a 4 wheel drive.

The first orders will be submitted on Monday October 27th for January production. How many will we be able to order, that is still a big big question. I currently have about 15 firm orders in my customer files. I do not know if I will be able to get every order accepted for a 4 wheel drive, and if they get accepted when they will be produced.

If you would like to get on the list of available orders, please send me an email with your name, address and phone number so I can get you on my list.

There is a chance that all 2015 Sprinter 4×4 production will be spoken for very early in the 2015 order run. I was told there would only be about 1,700 2015 4 wheel drive orders that can be scheduled which I believe will go quickly.

Keep checking back with for more info.


A new 2014 Sprinter Van, you’re 1st choice in low cost to own and operate commercial van!

Sprinter Lease Offer October 2014

Do you want to reduce your annual maintenance costs?

The Sprinter Guy has a 6 year or 90,000 mile pre paid all scheduled maintenance plan for $2639.

Here is the Pre Paid Maintenance Brochure.

Pre Paid Maintenance Brochure

And if you subscribe to the sprinter yahoo group, here was a recent posting from an owner of a 2014 Sprinter van.

“I upgraded from a 2003 with 380K to a 2014 4 cyl last year. A year later,
with 39K, I LOVE the 2014!!! It only lacks power on LONG HIGH hills. Drops
as much as 10 MPH if I rely on cruise control in the Missouri Ozarks while
heavily loaded.

I agree, the safety feathers of lane-keeping and side radar are awesome, but
the auto-dim on the high beams is MIND BLOWING! You can’t react quicker
than the van and it isn’t easily fooled by other lights.

Best of all, over the 39K, I have meticulously measured fuel economy and
have gotten an average of 22.04 MPG with a high of 25.85 MPG driving 60 MPH
on interstate and a low of 18.82 driving as fast as I could in Nebraska with
windows down, loaded pretty heavy.”

It’s hard to beat this kind of true owner comments about his experience with his new 2014 Sprinter Van. Why don’t you make a new Sprinter Van, from Dave the Sprinter Guy your next personal use or business use vehicle?

Give Dave a call at 512-930-6158 or send an email to

Order info about Sprinter 4×4 vans

The first orders that we will be able to submit to the factory will be sometime around the middle of November.

Subject to change of course. I have been informed that only orders for SOLD units will be accepted. We will have to provide documentation of the order with a deposit for one to be accepted.

The Sprinter folks have not formulated the allocation process as of yesterday. They are having meetings about it next week. So as of right now I don’t know if I will be able to get everyone’s order accepted, and not sure when the orders will be filled. They have not determined how many 4×4 Sprinter vans will be available for US dealers to sell for this year. I know this, there will be less built than the current demand that I see.

We do not have a price yet for the 4×4 options, and that may not be disclosed until the first vans are built and heading to the port of Charleston.

We will be selling the Sprinter 4×4 at MSRP, but we will not mark them up over MSRP like I have heard some dealers plan to do.

I will take every customers name that reply’s with the form below, and submits it to me by November 1st, that is ready to place an order, at MSRP with a $2000 deposit and put them in a hopper. I will draw a name for each order slot that is made available to our dealership. I will let each of you know what number your order will be in the list by November 5th so you have an opportunity to do something different. If you do not wish to wait I will not take your deposit. Deposits will not be refunded after the order has been submitted to the factory.

When I have the list complete, I will contact you to get the specifics of your order and get your deposit. You can be getting prepared by going to the factory website, and click the build and equip link to go through the options for the 2 wheel drive model, using the V6 engine choice, to decide what options you will want. Once your order is submitted to Sprinter I will let you know what the estimated production schedule is.

I wish I could tell everyone that we can get you a Sprinter 4×4 during 2015, but that may not happen. I only hope that Mercedes-Benz Sprinter sees the excitement of this product and gear up for a bigger production in 2016.

Complete the form below. Some fields have drop down menus.

October Sprinter Special Offers

Can you believe we are already into the second week of October?!

Pretty soon they will be playing holiday music on the radio and the stores will be gearing up for a busy holiday selling season. It’s the same here with the Sprinter Guy!

October, November and December are my busiest 3 months of the year. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter USA is assisting me with some very attractive offers like low APR finance terms as low as 1.9% APR for certain terms and models. We have a great lease program that can get you into a new 2014 Sprinter 2500 144″ wb standard roof Cargo Van that lists for $37,765 for payments of $439 per month for 36 months, allowing you to drive 60,000 miles during the lease term, on approved credit with MBFS. To get to this payment requires a down payment of $4,792.50 plus normal tax and license. You can put more or less down and it will reflect a difference in the monthly payment amount.

I have a great inventory of new 2014’s and the 2015’s are starting to roll in as I write this. And although I cannot post any special pricing here, if you contact me I can let you know what the Sprinter Guy price will be on any van in my inventory.

Here are two Sprinter vans that I can offer to you at special prices.


I have a 2014 Sprinter 144″ wheelbase passenger van that has 6000 miles on it. Here is a link that will let you know everything that is on this van. 2014 Passenger 144 low roof Arctic White V6 $49,964 #E5852083 – DEMO This van has a sale price of $44,998 + any applicable tax and license.

The other van is…..

2012 Sprinter 2500 144 high roof

a 2012 Sprinter 2500 144″ wheelbase high roof cargo van with a completed, ready to go reefer conversion. It has a Thermo King V300 roof mounted A/C that can keep your cargo at temps as low as 39 degrees. It has a stand by system that allows you to plug it in to a normal 110 volt outlet while sitting to keep the cargo cold. There are folding shelves inside the van and a very nicely done interior with insulated walls and ceiling with FRP paneling over for an easy to care for finish.

To duplicate this van today would cost you over $60,000 but you can buy this van with only 1800 miles on it for $49,500.

For more info on either of these vans call Dave at 512-930-6158 or email

This will surely be the busiest 4th quarter for the Sprinter Guy with the great offers available to you. Plus we will be taking the first orders for the all new Sprinter 4×4 that goes into production this January.

It’s the 4th Quarter – and I don’t mean the football game!

Business Owners – You have just 3 months to get a Section 179 federal income tax deductible vehicle purchase made for 2014.

Every year we have the very same thing happen, in December I get panicked business owners calling me saying their CPA said, “If you don’t buy a vehicle this year, you will give the money to Uncle Sam instead” the inventory’s are low and you just cannot find the Sprinter van you want or need.


I have the inventory in stock right now, new 2014 and 2015 Sprinter Cargo, Crew and Passenger vans. Great offers from Mercedes-Benz Finance for both purchase and lease terms, and special pricing on every new 2014 in my inventory.

So let’s beat the clock and get your Sprinter van now, while the selection is the best. You know you will be calling me before the end of the year, why not now?

Click this link – Current Sprinter Inventory then scroll down the page to find the model you are looking for. Click the links to see what is on the van, then send me an email or give me a call so I can give you my End Of Year Special Price Now!

Call Dave, the Sprinter Guy at 512-930-6158 or email

Sprinter Rentals from Ace Rent a Car in Austin Texas

They have increased the size of their Sprinter van rental fleet.

They now have 5 Sprinter 12 passenger vans that they will rent on a daily or weekly basis, for local and out of town use.

Located at the Austin airport, give them a call at 512-961-5296 and if you tell them you were referred by the Sprinter Guy they might be willing to give you a special offer.

Then after you rent one of their Sprinter vans, give me a call about owning your own Sprinter for personal or business use.