It’s Not a Sprinter – But take a look at this Home Away From Home!

2011 Dodge Longhorn Edition Crew Cab with Cummings Diesel and a Lance slide in camper on the back.

I will let the photos tell the story, but only 14,000 miles with a generator, propane, fully self contained, power slide out and a whole bunch more.

Here is the LINK to the pictures

Priced at $69,995 or best offer!

If you have any problems opening the file send me an email to and I can send them to you by email.

I just had a very happy Sprinter 4 cyl owner visit with me this morning!

He already has over 100,000 miles on his 2014 Sprinter with the 4 cyl twin turbo and 7 speed automatic transmission.

But here is the best part of the story, he says, the best fuel mileage he has obtained was 28.2 MPG and the worst was 22.5 MPG. He said he was on one run in the eastern US, in the mountains, with a 2000 lb cargo load, over the hard equipped cargo equipment that he has built in, and over a 400 mile trip he averaged 24.7 MPG.

He said he will probably get a 2016 Sprinter and will definitely get another 4 cyl. And by the way, this is his second Sprinter van, the one he replaced was a V6 that he was averaging 150,000 miles per year.

I am getting more 2014 Sprinter 4 cyl owners who are saying how great the new van is and how satisfied they are with the performance and especially the economy.

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IRS Section 179 Tax Deduction for 2014

Do you use your Sprinter Van in your business? Should you be considering making a purchase of a new Sprinter Van before the end of December 2014?

How much can it save you to make a purchase of a new Sprinter Van for business use this year? Here is a simple IRS tax savings calculator to see what your tax savings could be. Click this LINK

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Not trying to beat a dead horse, but the 2014 Sprinter Guy offers just got better!

You know you want or maybe need a new Sprinter Van and today, I can make it even more affordable for you!

2015 $35,995 base price

The word is out and Sprinter sales have exceeded last years numbers by almost 25% for the Sprinter Guy! We still have time for you to get your Sprinter van purchase made while we have a decent inventory and before the end of 2014 in case you need to take advantage of the IRS Rule 179.

2014 apr specials

You know I would love to be able to display the Sprinter Guy offers here online, but we are not allowed, so all I need you to do is either check out my inventory list by clicking HERE, then enter the stock numbers of the vans you are interested to see what the Winter Event offer could be in the form below. Or you can simply just tell me in the box below what you want in a Sprinter van and I will see what we have available.

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Attention all DYI’ers – how to install a roof top solar system on your Sprinter Van

This source is a wealth of information not only for this subject, but for just about anything Do-it-Yourself Sprinter van stuff!

I have read many of the posts from the Sprinter RV Guy and have learned a lot about how to do Sprinter conversion upfits. But here was a great article about adding a roof top solar system on your Sprinter van.

I have had customers who paid thousands of dollars to have someone do this, but this looks like something most anyone can do yourself. Especially with the help of the Sprinter RV Guy.

Here is the post.

And with November starting this years Winter Event, you can save a bundle on your new Sprinter Van from the Sprinter Guy.

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It’s Winter Event time and the Sprinter Guy has some great offers for you!

Every year we have the annual Winter Event in November and December. This is the time many of you will be looking to add a Sprinter Van to your Fleet, or you want to get your 1st Sprinter van.

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We have special low APR financing with approved credit from Mercedes-Benz Finance with rates of….
1.9% APR for 36 months
2.9% APR for 48 or 60 months
3.7% APR or 72 months

We also can offer to you two types of leases for Sprinter vans. One is the traditional closed end lease where you have a mileage set up and at the end of the lease you can return the Sprinter Van and walk away. Subject to mileage and condition of the Sprinter van.

The other lease is a Commercial Equipment Lease, called a TRAC Lease where you can decide your residual for the end of the lease, and that can be anywhere from Zero to 45%, and at the end of the lease term that is your purchase price. You may inquire with your CPA as to which lease is best for your use.

Speaking of taxes, don’t miss out on your 2014 Business Use Tax Deduction under the Section 179 Advanced Depreciation which can allow you up to $25,000 in a first year business write off for depreciation. See your CPA for details.

Here is the form for more info and to get a Sprinter Guy price on one of the Sprinter vans in stock. If you have more questions you can call Dave at 512-930-6158 or email