What can carry 5,400 lbs of cargo, plus pull a 7,500 lb trailer, get 20 MPG and can fit under a 9′ drive through?

This is not a regular production model, but they have a limited number of them built for Fleet Customers, but I snagged this one from the pool.

Here are the specs. Over 10.5 feet of cargo length, 65 inches interior load height, 38.5 inches between wheelwells, and 70 inches interior wall to wall at the floor. This gives you over 300 cubic feet of available cargo room and up to 5,400 lbs of cargo inside this van.

Short in length with a 19’5″ total bumper to bumper, and just 99 inches or a little over 8 feet in height makes this an easy to maneuver vehicle in those tight city streets. Turn this van in only 47 1/2 feet!

Towing a trailer, no problem with its 7,500 lb towing capacity with a 750 lb tongue weight. Do all of this with the built in safety features like BAS, brake assist, EBD Electronic Brake Force Distribution and ESP Electronic Stability Program to keep the tires flat on the ground.

And if you need even more room inside your new Sprinter Van we have our 22.5′ and a 24′ length model.

See why the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van is rated Best in Class. Best in Fuel Economy, Best in Room inside, Best in Cost of Ownership.

For more info about this or any new Sprinter Van, contact Dave, the “Sprinter Guy” at 512-930-6158 or email dave@sprinterguy.com


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