FedEx Route Owners – Transport or Expeditors, this Sprinter van is just for you!

Not the van pictured above, but the van pictured below just arrived and can be yours.

This is a 2012 Sprinter 3500 170″ wb, Extended Body Cargo Van. It is equiped with the factory Cargo Partition w/Sliding Door and has the factory right side folding Jump Seat. See the specs by clicking this link – 2012 3500 170 Extended 9990 GVWR Arctic White $47,675 #C5698591

You have a Cargo Payload capibility of 3,777 lbs with a cargo bed length of 185 inches and a cargo volume of 547 cubic feet. All with a GVWR of 9,990 lbs to keep you under the magic 10,000 GVWR mark to save you paperwork.

Heavy Duty Suspension Package gives you the added stability, and with the Auxiliary Battery you don’t have any worrys about getting stranded somewhere. Check out the pics and give the Sprinter Guy a call to check on pricing. We can also assist you with further upgrades like shelving and more.

Shelving shown above is not in this van at this time. Just shown as an example of what is available.

If you have questions about this Sprinter Van or any of our vans in stock please call Dave, the Sprinter Guy at 512-930-6158 or email

I am submitting orders for 2013 Sprinter Vans right now!


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