Test the Best – 2013 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Ride and Drive Event

The Sprinter Guy from Mercedes-Benz of Georgetown, invites you to this years Test the Best 2013 Ride and Drive. To register, follow down the page to the Register Here link.

test the best 2013

To see the video, CLICK HERE

Some of you went to last years Ride and Drive and came back with first hand knowledge of how the Sprinter van handles in servere driving conditions. You also were shown how to increase your fuel economy with simple steps that work.

test the best 2013 pg 2

test the best 2013 pg 5

The 2013 Test the Best is making the tour across the USA and will be in a city near you. Spend 3 hours and see how the Sprinter van with its Stability Control keeps all four wheels and tires on the ground, where they need to be to give you control of you and your load at all times.

test the best 2013 pg 3

test the best 2013 pg 4

You can go online and register yourself at REGISTER HERE

or you can print the following resistration form, complete it and email or fax it back to me. fax to 512-870-9336 or email to dave@sprinterguy.com
test the best 2013 registration

FREE LUNCH and you get a $500 redeemable certificate for your next Sprinter van purchase.

test the best 2013 FAQ

If you have more questions about this years Sprinter Tour, give me a call or send me an email.
dave@sprinterguy.com or 512-930-6158


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