Here are some comments from recent attendee’s of the Test the Best Sprinter Van ride and drive.

from BC in Houston

Good morning. My son and I went to the Sprinter Test the Best 2013 ride in Arlington. We were both extremely impressed and learned a lot. I already loved our Sherrod Sprinter, but after this I am even more impressed with the ESP, ABS, and Brake Assist capabilities of the vehicle. The demonstrations were extremely informative and very helpful. I was especially impressed with the ABS and Brake Assist demonstration. I actually believe, that before the demonstration, if I had to make an emergency stop and the Brake Assist and ABS were activated, I might have thought something was going wrong, and took my foot off the brake. The braking mechanisms are really amazing, but it is also really good to know that this dramatic mechanical response (the Brake Assist and brake pedal pulsing) is the appropriate response from the vehicle and the most effective way of quickly stopping and maintaining steering control.

Thank you for sponsoring us to this wonderful event.

The event staff was very professional, knowledgable, and were logical educational instructors. We both really appreciated being able to attend this event.

Please keep us in mind if you hear any additional Sprinter demonstrations or excursions (both free and tution based). The event staff told us about driving Sprinters on the Haul Road in northern Alaska to see the northern lights. I would love to participate in any adventure like this that might be available.

We do love our Sprinter and appreciate it even more now that we are more familiar with its capabilities and responses.

On the way home to Houston from Dallas / Arlington (granted this route is a little downhill for most of the way), we implemented the savy driving training we were given and actually averaged 26.2 miles, before we hit the Houston traffic on the north side of the city. Even with over an hour of bumper to bumper Houston traffic, we averaged over 25 miles per gallon on the trip home. This was with no AC because it was cool and we set the cruise control on 59 / 60 mph. Our van now has a little over 9,000 miles on it and we will be doing it’s first schedule A service soon.

As you may recall, you mentioned that we could come by to get our second year state vehicle safety check in around June. If I can stretch out this last 1,000 miles, I will schedule and have the annual vehicle check and service A at the same time over at your facility. Do you all do service on Saturdays? I will keep you posted.

Please stay in touch and we will do the same.


and from JL in Fort Worth


I attended this morning and it was quite informative. Thank you for keeping me in the loop.

Hope all is well,


I wish every potential Sprinter buyer could have this same opportunity to test drive first hand the Sprinter van, with the trained staff from these events. If you would like to attend a future Sprinter ride and drive, please let me know so I can keep you in the loop.
There is still time to attend this years Test the Best in other areas of the USA. For more details log on to


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