Sprinter Inventory has just been updated 3-25-2013, plus news on the 2014 model Sprinter Vans

Click the link above that says Current Sprinter Inventory to go to my current inventory page.


Here is the latest news from Mercedes-Benz Sprinter about the new 2014 model year.

Model Year 2013/2014 Ordering Update:

Please be advised that June will be the final month for MY 2013 production, and MY 2014 startup is planned for July 2013.

Our transition over to the new model year will be as follows:

 Model Year 2013 Units: The final order submission for June production will be April 15, 2013. The transmission of these orders will include corporate stock, and we will continue to fulfill customer and stock orders until May 15, 2013. Our production volumes for the month of June are limited, so it is recommended that any requests are submitted as soon as possible as they will be handled on a first come/first serve basis.

 Model Year 2014 Units: Ordering and Pricing information will be available in early May, and the first orders are expected to be transmitted to the factory beginning with July production on May 15, 2013.

Let me know how I can best assist you with your new Sprinter Van. Call Dave, the Sprinter Guy at 512-930-6158 or email dave@sprinterguy.com.


3 thoughts on “Sprinter Inventory has just been updated 3-25-2013, plus news on the 2014 model Sprinter Vans

    • They should have a navigation system for us in the 2014 models. It is the same system we currently use in our C-Class passenger cars and the small SUV the GLK. It’s called a Becker Map Pilot system.

      Will have more info on May 15th.

  1. Michael Madden says:

    Is there anyway of converting a factory back up camera to also do duty as a rear view camera while traveling? There are many times when the mirrors just aren’t enough. Rather than buy a whole new aftermarket product, it seems there should be a way of adding a switch so when in position #1 it functions normally, and in position #2 it would be turned on other than in reverse.

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