I really am having a tough time getting back to reality!

Wow, was Puerto Rico nice. Here is what I looked at outside our hotel room every day.


But now my job is to get going selling as many Sprinter Vans as possible so the Sprinter Guy can win the trip again next year.

So here we go. New Special Finance and Lease terms for 2012 and 2013 Sprinter Vans.

I took a few extra 2012‘s, and will make you a whale of a deal on those.

I will have the 2014 specs and pricing in about 10 days or so. Once I have them I will get them posted here on Sprinterguy.com.

So nice changes for the 2014 models, but not that much to wait and not take advantage of my end of the year savings on 2012 or 2013 Sprinter Vans.
I will be updateding the Current Sprinter Inventory tonight so check the site tomorrow for the latest in Sprinter inventory here in Georgetown Texas.

One last pic of the Sprinter Guy riding a horse on the beach. Please help me get back to next years Sprinter awards trip.


More coming soon.




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