Not a Sprinter – But what a beautiful full size luxury car this is.

Georgetown-Round Rock-20130709-01592

I try not to bother my Sprinter friends with car stuff, but this car is just too nice to not talk about.

Georgetown-Round Rock-20130709-01591

Only 27k miles on the cleanest S550 short of a brand new one. This car stickered at over $104,000 new – 2011 S550 Diamond White 27k miles

If you or someone you know might be looking for a near perfect car for around $30,000 less than what it cost new, please have them contact me.

Georgetown-Round Rock-20130709-01594

Georgetown-Round Rock-20130709-01595

Georgetown-Round Rock-20130709-01597

Georgetown-Round Rock-20130709-01596

Georgetown-Round Rock-20130709-01593

Georgetown-Round Rock-20130709-01590

call Dave at 512-930-6158 or email


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