What would you like the “Sprinter Guy” to bring up at our upcoming annual Sprinter Meeting?

As you may know, I’m not bashful when it comes to offering my suggestions to the “Factory Guys” at our annual Sprinter Sales Meetings in Ladson South Carolina.

This years meeting will be September 17th and 18th and I welcome any and all comments or suggestions that I can bring up in our meetings with the Sprinter USA staff. If you have something you would like me to bring to their attention go ahead and complete the comment form below and submit back to me before September 17th.

As Sprinter owners or enthusiasts, who knows more about things that we would like to see made different. Not sure if anything can or will be done, but if we don’t bring to their attention these items, well, nothing may be changed. Keep it positive and let’s see what we can do.


4 thoughts on “What would you like the “Sprinter Guy” to bring up at our upcoming annual Sprinter Meeting?

  1. Bucky Wood says:

    It seems almost backwards to continue to avoid an automatic sliding door on the side. Most (cheap) vans have them now. Most of the MB Sprinters in Europe have them.

    • Bucky,

      I cannot agree more with your commment. Every year that I have attended our annual Sprinter meeting with the head of Sprinter USA, this question is brought up, and every time it is said, the Attorneys say no. I have no real idea why, but I am sure it will come up again this years meeting.

      Your van is ordered and in the system now. Expect it here before the end of the year and will hand over to Sportsmobile when it arrives.

      Thank you for your business and your comment.


  2. Ron says:

    Hi Dave,

    Let me start by thanking you for being my #1 source of info regarding the Sprinter line.

    We are going to the big RV Show in Hershey PA in a few days to see firsthand what is available from some of the up fitters, but from what I have seen online I believe I will choose to build my own in a 3500 Extended Body. I have a fabrication shop and my son is an Electrical Engineer with his masters working in “Creative Technology” in NY. This will not be the typical DIY build. My question is how will I be treated by Mercedes in regard to warranty issues? I notice that only a handful of MotorHome manufactures are on the MB approved list. Is there a set procedure to register or gain approval ahead of purchase on a one off project or can I proceed with confidence that I will be treated fairly, with the quality of our design and build speaking for themselves .

    Thanks Dave,

    Ron Sears

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    • Ron,

      What a great question. The list you see of the Approved Upfitters is just a small part of the conversion companies that convert Sprinter vans and Cab Chassis in the USA. The difference is the ones who are on the list, spent quite a bit of money to meet the MB Sprinter Engineering testing guidlines in order to get on the list. Some company’s just don’t see the advantage of spending the money to get on the list.

      The Sprinter Engineers will work closer with the shops that are on the approved list, but they certainly will not treat the non approved convertors with less respect. Being on the approved list just gives them a direct line of communication with the Engineers, but I have had other guys, private individuals included who have had contact with the Sprinter Engineers to get questions answered. They are pretty much known in the Sprinter community.

      Basically all MB Sprinter is concerned with is you do not do things that will jeopradize the integrity of the factory build. Care must be taken in working with MB electrical systems. Knowing where to bolt down items and where not to is important. You will not have any problem with warranty as long as you do not change how Sprinter built the van in regards to suspension, drivetrain and basic safety features. They would not want you to replace the front factory seats with other seats.

      There is a factory Body Builder book that can be accessed on the Sprinter Engineers part of the website, that I can get for my customers who purchase from me.

      One other thought is many of my customers have had some of the more difficult or more important items done by our local conversion shop, Sportsmobile Texas, and then you do the finish off yourself.

      No matter what you will love the Sprinter van and I would love to assist you in getting one.



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