I took a 30 mile test drive today in the 2014 Sprinter with 4 cyl engine

I am very impressed

If you don’t tell someone that this is a 4 cyl engine, they would never know it. It is quiet, peppy, shifts are unbelievably smooth, no problem getting on the freeway and getting it up to 70 mph in no time.

I drove on the highway, on city streets and idled for a few minutes and with a brand new van, was able to average over 22 mpg, and I’m not a very careful driver when it comes to getting the greatest fuel mileage.

At 70 mph, it is at 2300 rpm. with lots more left.

I cannot imagine anyone not wanting the 4 cyl twin turbo diesel with 7 speed automatic transmission.

You can now go on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter website and do a “Build and Equip” and get the 2014 prices. Check it out, click HERE

If you want to order a 2014, and have it here before the end of this year, you better contact me right away. The order bank is going to get filled before long. Call Dave at 512-930-6158 or send an email to dave@sprinterguy.com


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