News from the MB Sprinter Factory in Ladson South Carolina

Claus Trit just announced, we will see a 4 wheel drive Sprinter in 2015

But, that’s a year away from now. Right now we have a brand new, fantastic 2014 Sprinter Van with a great new power plant. We have driven it, it performs better than any of us would have previously thought, and up to 18% better fuel economy.

If you are going to consider a new full size van, whether a Sprinter or anyone else’s full size van, you must test drive the 4 cyl diesel engine first. If after the test drive you feel it is not what your needs are, then we have the current V6 that has been used since our 2007 model year.

So let’s say you are driving 20,000 miles per year in your current 2007 Sprinter van, that is getting 20 mpg. At $3.89 per gallon for fuel, you spend $3,890 in fuel per year. Over the past 7 years, you would have spent $27,230 for fuel use.

So with the new 4 Cyl, twin turbo diesel engine with the 7 speed automatic transmission, with 18% better fuel economy, you will save $596 per year or over the next 7 years, you will have saved $4,172 in fuel costs.

But, if you have been driving “brand X” full size van, that gets about 14 mpg, compared with the new Sprinter van with the 4 cyl diesel engine, you will save $15,848 in 7 years in fuel costs.

And let me tell you this, I personally think, we will see a higher percent increase in fuel economy with the new 4 cyl model. So once we get some hard data from our new buyers of the 4 cyl engine, with actual true mileage ratings, we will look at this again.

One more bit of news about the 2014 Sprinter vans, our maintenance service schedule is now 15,000 miles. That’s right, 15,000 miles between oil changes, and regular services. How much will this save you over the next 100,000 miles?

More to come from the Sprinter factory here in Ladson South Carolina, but I’m off to a dinner party with every “Sprinter Guy” from the USA.

I am so excited about 2014 model year Sprinter sales.



5 thoughts on “News from the MB Sprinter Factory in Ladson South Carolina

  1. tim says:

    Did they say the four wheel drive sprinter would be coming out in 2015 or would be available as a 2015 model (available around this time next year etc)? That is great news. I have been holding out purchasing a sprinter due to the need/preference for four wheel drive. Looking forward to buying one asap. Any word on pricing or other specifics? Thanks

  2. James says:

    Today I test drove a new 4cyl against a 6cyl and really appreciate the 4cyl fuel economy combined with the smooth feel of the 7spd transmition.

    However, I’m not too excited about spending an additional $24,000-$28,000 to have one of the 4×4 conversion outfits make it into what I want for travel.
    The upcoming AWD/4matic/? Is very intriguing !

    Please clarify is this new driveline will be true 4WD with low range transfer case or simply AWD / essentially 4matic? There’s a big difference.
    Equally as important to me is will it travel as a ” full time 4wd” like a land cruiser or land rover, having hugely parasitic driveline friction resulting in bad fuel economy or will it be an open system like many awd cars that do not loose much rolling efficiency? Secondly would it be on the fly 2wd to 4wd switchable?
    The current choices for true 4×4 conversions, while expensive, offer 2wd cruising switchable to 4wd and locking hubs when desired.

    • I wish I had more specific info about the future 4 wheel drive Sprinter, but the factory is not giving us anything at all. I do know that they brought a test vehicle in to the USA back in the early summer and showed it to some of the aftermarket conversion companies, like Sportsmobile Texas, to get their thoughts on it. From what I was told, it will not be like our all wheel drive systems that we have in our SUV’s, but should be a true 4 x 4, hopefully with low range and a more heavy duty system.

      But beyond this we have nothing at all, and I’m sure they will keep it fairly closed to the vest until they are ready to anounce it officially.

      All we can do it wait and see.


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