Some info about the 2014 Mercedes Sprinter Vans.

First, I sold and delivered a new 2014 144″ wb Crew Van on Monday, to a customer who drove it around Austin before driving it home to Fort Worth Texas. He called me on Tuesday to let me know that he was getting 27.4 mpg during his first day driving the van. That is fantastic for a brand new van with under 500 miles on it. It will certainly do nothing but get better as it gets broke in.

I also wanted to inform everyone of a few items that are different with the 2014 Sprinter Vans.

One, there is no CD player/changer available for the 2014. The standard radio is an am-fm with bluetooth, has an aux in port and a USB port and has the ability to bluetooth stream your music from any bluetooth device.

2014 center dash with MB logo on shifter

Also if you do not order the multi function steering wheel controls, you do not get the new Mercedes-Benz steering wheel. Without the multi function controls you get the same steering wheel that was on the 2013 Sprinter models.

2014 steering wheel

I really an sold on the new 2014 Sprinter vans, but if you are looking for the “DEAL” you should talk to me about the remaining new 2013’s with the savings I can pass along. There is nothing like saving a bunch of hard earned green when you buy with year end savings.

I am down to one last new 2012, 3500 170″ wb cargo van with the 11.030 GVWR, and one last new 2012 3500 Cab Chassis. Call me and I will send you a price quote.

It’s fun being the “Sprinter Guy” and helping my customers get the best van at the best possible deal.



2 thoughts on “Some info about the 2014 Mercedes Sprinter Vans.

  1. Raj says:

    Just purchased a 2014 Sprinter Cargo Van with no multi-functional steering wheel controls BUT have bluetooth.

    Can I upgrade to a new steering wheel with the multi-functional control?
    I have found an MB OEM parts websie that sells this unit for $199.
    Is it worth it? I am concerned that the wiring may not exist for multi-functional use.

    Also, van does not have Active Lane Keeping assist. Can that be added?

    • You can swap out the steering wheel with a multi function wheel, but here are the issues you will have. One, part of the factory option for the multi function wheel is a larger matrix display on the dash that shows the information that is a part of that option. You cannot add this afterwards. So the only function that you might get to work with the multi function wheel would be the volume control for the audio and the phone answer and hang up buttons, which are already on your audio head now. In order for those to work you will also have to have someone program the computer to let the van know you now have the multi function wheel and to allow it to work with the audio system.

      In my opinion without the larger display you are not gaining anything to spend the money to add the wheel, other than it looks nicer. What you might do is spend the money on a wood rim steering wheel and just use the volume and phone buttons on the in dash audio.

      Active Lane Keep cannot be added at all.

      Let me know when you are ready for your next van so I can make sure you get the options you really want.


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