How many Sprinter Vans have you seen with dual sliding side doors?


I bet you have not seen too many with dual sliding doors, but we have sold quite a few with this option.


This one is the all new 2014 Sprinter 4 cyl van, that was ordered by a very patient but anxious Sprinter customer. He plans to have a complete interior conversion added to make it a unique family passenger van.

Previously we have sold Sprinter vans with Dual Sliding Side Doors to a plumber who wanted to be able to access tools and equipment from both sides of the van. Another guy wanted just the left side sliding side door, which we can do and delete the right side slider, because he delivers goods and it was easy for him to get out of the drivers seat and get to the left side door to unload packages.


There was also a family who wanted the dual sliding doors because they had a disabled child, and the wheelchair lift went on the right side, and the left side door was for easy access by other family members.

No matter what your needs are, the Sprinter Guy can help you build your Sprinter van with the right stuff to make it work for your needs. Whether for work with bulkheads and shelves, a family van with multiple luxury captian chairs, or a pleasure van decked out with everything you need to go camping, let me build your Sprinter van custom for you.


2 thoughts on “How many Sprinter Vans have you seen with dual sliding side doors?

  1. Keven Truesdell says:

    I have a dual slider low roof 2013. Upfit in progress. Do you have a source for the driver side slider window? Fixed or opening is fine. Thanks.

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