2016 M-B Sprinter Order Guide

The following information is the latest directly from Sprinter USA. Please contact Dave at 512-942-6923 or email dave@sprinterguy.com for additional info or questions.

The following is subject to change and revision at any time.

Basically the only change in the 2016 from the current 2015, is all 2500 Cargo Vans, Crew or Passenger Vans will have driver and front passenger window air bag and side seat thorax air bags included in the base price. The change in air bag regulations for 2016 means the factory will not build any of the above models, that have the standard air bags, with either the front bucket swivel or suspension seat options that we previously could order. The only model that can be ordered with swivel or suspension seats is a 3500 Cargo Van with the 11,030 GVWR rating.

Sprinter 4×4’s will be in short supply for the 2016 model year. They are available on all models of Cargo, Crew and Passenger vans, with two options, one a High Range version and a High/Low Range version. Only available with the V6 diesel engine and 5 speed automatic transmission.

This is the link to the Equipment Handbook that explains each option in more detail.
sprinter equipment handbook my2016

Here are the links to the 2016 order guide info for each model. These are all subject to change as the manufacture makes changes to product content and pricing.

2016 Base Price List 8-7-2015

Remember to add $995 for Destination Charge to your total price.

2016 Color Choices

2016 2500 Cargo Van Standard Equipment

2016 2500 Cargo Van Options

2016 2500 Cargo Van Technical Spec’s

2016 3500 Cargo Van Standard Equipment

2016 3500 Cargo Van Options

2016 3500 Cargo Van Technical Spec’s

2016 Crew Standard Equipment

2016 Crew Options

2016 Crew Technical Spec’s

2016 Passenger Standard Equipment

2016 Passenger Options

2016 Passenger Technical Specs

2016 3500 Cab Chassis Standard Equipment

2016 3500 Cab Chassis Options

2016 3500 Cab Chassis Technical Specs

If you have difficulty opening these links, please send me an email and I will forward to you the information.



4 thoughts on “2016 M-B Sprinter Order Guide

  1. Yes the new sprinter order guide is extremely difficult to figure out, we have a fleet of 20 2013 sprinters at rentasprinter.com and are adding some 2014 models now. as hard as the ordering process, these mercedes sprinters are way better then the dodge ones

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