Where should you get your Sprinter Van converted? Advice from the Sprinter Guy!

Over the next few weeks, I will be adding additional names of Sprinter Van conversion sources that I have found to have great customer reviews and reputation.

Some of these are doing Class “B” RV conversions, some are luxury passenger vans. Some might do specialty upfits like wheel chair mobility or commercial interior conversions.

I had a great conversation earlier today with Jeff Roberts at Outside Vans in Oregon. I have had three of my local Texas Sprinter customers who have used Outside Vans for their conversion, and are thrilled with the finished product. With the referals from satisfied customers, the Sprinter Guy is happy to add them to the list of conversion companies I recommend.

They may be way over there on the left side of the USA, but sounds like worth the trip. We have had new Sprinter vans drop shipped to a dealer close to the Outside Van location, so that saves the transportation costs going to them.

Why don’t you check out the Facebook page for Outside Vans. – https://www.facebook.com/Outsidevan
Or check out their website, http://www.outsidevan.com/

But don’t forget, you want to order your Sprinter Van from Dave the Sprinter Guy. I will assist you in getting your van custom converted to what your wants and needs are.


2 thoughts on “Where should you get your Sprinter Van converted? Advice from the Sprinter Guy!

    • John,

      Absolutely, I have never had any of my customers use Chalmers, but I have been talking with Jack Chalmers and they will be the next on my list of Sprinter Guy recommended conversion companies.

      Do you have a Sprinter Van or are you in the looking stage? Please let me know if I can give you a quote on a new Sprinter.


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