Orders for 2015 Sprinter Vans – and the all new 4×4 Sprinter

Here is the latest update from Sprinter USA in regards to placing orders for the 2015 Sprinter Vans, including the all new 4×4 models.

We should have the 2015 MB Sprinter order info just after the first of May. We will be submitting the first orders around May 5th for July production. We should expect the first 2015’s will arrive here sometime around the first of October.

4 wheel drive orders should be going to the factory either in December or possibly as late as January.

We will learn more at our annual Sprinter Managers meeting at the factory in Ladson South Carolina in early June.


Let me know if you have an interest in placing an order before they stop accepting them.

Contact Dave at 512-930-6158 or email dave@sprinterguy.com


6 thoughts on “Orders for 2015 Sprinter Vans – and the all new 4×4 Sprinter

  1. Tom Schwartz says:

    Hi Dave, I’m interested in the 2015 4X4.  Please let me know the details when you learn them including costs, timing etc. We had planned to use Sportsmobile to do the camper conversion but would be happy to have you give us a quote. Regards, Tom


    • Tom,

      I have a whole bunch of customers thinking the same thing. I spoke with my factory rep earlier this week and asked him if he know what will be the availability of getting a lot of 4×4’s and all he knew is Sprinter USA had to commit to the factory in Germany a minimum level of these to get the go ahead, so I plan to order a bunch of the new 4×4’s.

      I will keep you posted.


    • Trini,

      Good question. I will know when I get the 2015 product info right after the first of May, and will let you know. If I were to take a guess, it would be no they won’t have the Keyless Go in the Sprinter option list, but let’s see what it looks like next month.


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