A conversation with Mike Neundorfer of Advanced RV in Willoughby, Ohio

Advanced RV is one of the most Advanced Premium Builders of Sprinter “B Class” RV’s in our industry.

I recently had the pleasure to speak with Mike Neundorfer, founder and Chief Evangelist at Advanced RV. Located in Willoughby Ohio, just outside Cleveland. Mike and I shared our experience of living in the snow belt along Lake Erie as I am originally from Toledo just due west of Cleveland.

I have to say, Mike was the most gracious guy to spend probably half an hour on the phone just talking about Sprinter vans and some of the things they do at Advanced RV. I can tell from talking with Mike now a couple of times on the phone he is very passionate about Sprinter vans and how their company can make the ownership experience that much more fun and enjoyable.

Looking at Advanced RV’s comprehensive website tells me a lot about the company and the quality of work they produce. Just looking at the pictures of their facility tells me they have invested in a factory that is clean, well lit and lots of room for their staff to work. You won’t find this level of commitment with many RV conversion shops.

And after talking with Mike, and seeing the quality and content that they put in their conversions, I don’t think you could find any RV conversion company anywhere that compares to what Advanced RV can and is doing. This type of finished product will cost you more than some of the other RV conversion shops. But you definitely get what you pay for.

This is my opinion but I have been working with Mercedes-Benz Sprinter products now for nearly 5 years, and no one puts together an RV conversion that has the engineering and development that I see with Advanced RV. I am so very impressed with what I see that I am proud to announce the Sprinter Guy fully endorses Mike Neundorfer and Advanced RV as our Top Of The Line Pick for Best Sprinter “B-Class” RV.

If you would like to have a custom built, personal traveling vehicle with everything you could want in a “B-Class” RV, we can assist you in achieving this with a Sprinter Van from Dave the Sprinter Guy and a conversion done by Advanced RV. You can expect to spend in the range of $230,000 to upwards of $300,000, but in my opinion it is worth it.

Go to the Advanced RV website to look at all they offer. Then let me know what questions I can get answered for you, and we can get a new Sprinter Van dropped at their location to be converted, then we will either fly you to Cleveland to pick it up or have it shipped to where ever you are.



2 thoughts on “A conversation with Mike Neundorfer of Advanced RV in Willoughby, Ohio

  1. JS says:

    I’m really glad to hear that their is a formal relationship between the two companies. I’ve been following both for quite some time now. My wife and I were just thinking last month that it would be really neat to buy the van from you and then have Advanced RV do the conversation. Thanks for paving the way for that to happen. By the way we are seriously leaning towards the new 4×4.

    • JS,

      It’s pretty easy to be excited about our new 4×4 Sprinter especially when you add to it an RV conversion by Advanced RV. I hopefully will learn more about the 2015 4×4 when we go to our annual Sprinter managers meeting in Ladson South Carolina the first week in June. I will post any news when I return.

      Let me know what questions I can answer for you.


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