Sprinter update

Next Tuesday we meet with the Sprinter USA Corporate Staff at our annual Sprinter Managers Meeting in Ladson South Carolina.

I have many questions I will be asking the factory higher ups in regards to the upcoming new Sprinter 4×4, but how much info they will release to us at this early juncture is unknown. But if you have any specific questions you have, or comments in regards to future products, please complete the form below and submit.

When I return I will post what news they will allow me to post. In the meantime, I have 2015 Sprinter orders with early production dates that I can make changes to fit your desires, but these orders will become fixed in the next few weeks.

I do not think you will find a better inventory of Cargo vans, all models and body styles about 35 in stock, 6 five passenger Crew Vans and 14 twelve Passenger vans, 144″ and 170″ wheelbase, all available with special Sprinter Guy pricing.

Finally for those of you looking for the BEST DEAL I have one new 2500 144″ wb, standard roof Cargo Van with full factory windows and rear roof air, and 2 new 2013 2500 170″ wb Cargo Vans that you really should contact me in regards to special pricing that is available. Just fill out the box below that says send me the special sale price for the remaining new 2013’s and I will get you that information.

We have been working with many of you in building custom conversion vans for personal use, some with handicap mobility packages, and lots of commercial builds. This is why folks from all over the USA contact me to get their Sprinter van, because of my contacts and associations with company’s that can turn your dreams into reality.

Send me your questions or comments so I have lots to talk about with the folks at Sprinter USA next week.

Mercedes-Benz of Georgetown



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