Attention FedEx Home Delivery or Ground Owner-Operators & Expeditor’s

No matter where you live and work, I can have a Sprinter van custom built for you!

I know you have certain needs to make a Sprinter van work for you. I can get the van equipped and ready for you to make money very quickly. I have built many FedEx Sprinter vans with the correct interior packages for local Central Texas FedEx contractors. Don’t forget, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter USA has a special Fleet Independent Parcel Contractor Program. I will make sure you get every incentive available to you.

Charleston-North Charleston-20120515-00204

I have built custom Expeditor vans with sleeper areas, sliding load carriers, rear lifts and more for Expeditors all over the USA.


We are conveniently located on the major north south IH35 just north of Austin Texas. You probably have passed our dealership if you are currently running this route from Mexico to Canada.

We have a special 4 bay Sprinter service facility with Sprinter trained techs on duty 6 days a week. We know the importance of getting you in and out as soon as possible, as time is money for you.

If you are looking for a deal that will help you keep you costs down, I have a limited number of new 2013 Sprinter 2500 Cargo Vans, 170″ wb with Cruise, power and heated outside mirrors and comfort seats. These vans list for $43,550 and I have a very special price that I can offer to you. Unfortunatly I cannot give this price out over the internet, so if you are interested, just send an email to or call me at 512-930-6158.

I also have a great selection of new 2014 Sprinter vans, all models and sizes in stock with offers that will make you very pleased when you contact the Sprinter Guy.

Yes, you can buy a Sprinter van from any one of the 250 Sprinter dealers across the USA, but only Dave the Sprinter Guy has the Sprinter Guy Special Offer and desire to make this as easy as possible for you to be driving a new Sprinter Van.


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