Pricing quotes by phone or email for New Sprinter Vans.

I bet you loath the thought of shopping for any new vehicle. The back and forth, are you getting the BEST DEAL, are you really getting the best deal?

That does not happen when you shop for a new Sprinter Van with Dave the Sprinter Guy! Just follow this simple three step process and you will get the deal you have been looking for, without the hype and the games.

Step one, click this LINK to see what in stock inventory the Sprinter Guy has today, or…..

Step two, either click this LINK to get to my website page where you can download the PDF of options for the van you would like to build or click this LINK to be redirected to the factory website to do a Build and Equip online Sprinter van build.

Step three, either email me, the PDF you saved from the online Build and Equip, or complete the response box below to send me the stock numbers of the vans you are interested in.

That is all you have to do. Once I get your wish list or the stock numbers of the vans in my inventory you have an interest in, I will send to you a quote, for in stock or an ordered Sprinter van, that you can be sure will be the best the Sprinter Guy can offer to you.

If you would rather discuss by phone what your looking for, replace in Step three, just call Dave the Sprinter Guy at 512-930-6158 and we can discuss over the phone what I can do for you.

So save yourself the aggravation and stress of buying a new Sprinter Van, just let Dave the Sprinter Guy show you how his customers buy from him.


2 thoughts on “Pricing quotes by phone or email for New Sprinter Vans.

  1. dennis brinson says:

    Hello Dave, Can you tell me what the approximate mpg difference is between the 4×4 sprinter without the high/low and the 2wd sprinter…both with the V6? I can’t seem to find anything online. Thank you,Dennis

  2. Vans like the Sprinter do not have the EPA fuel mileage like passenger cars do. What I will tell you is what my customers tell me they are getting with the V6 Sprinter 2 wheel drive. Everyone tells me they get between 18-22 mpg. There are some who have reported higher ratings, but I tend to take out the high and the low to come up with a true average.

    What the factory has told us so far is the fuel mileage should not be that much different in the 4×4 vans. The 4×4 is driving in 2 wheel drive until you hit the buttom to activate the 4×4 system. The 4×4 will weigh about 200-300 more, so with it being in 2 wheel drive it really should be about the same. This is of course my thoughts based on what I know about the new van. We will see when the first ones get in the hands of customers to see what they tell us.

    Hope this helps for now.

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