Sprinter 4×4 update – production schedule for remaining 2015 builds

Today we received a “Tentative” list of the production schedule for the current orders for the Sprinter 4×4’s.

They have tentatively scheduled out 4 wheel drive production through July 2015. Units scheduled for production through June will be 2015 models. Units with July or beyond will be 2016’s.

We have no idea of any real changes in the 2016 models or pricing at this time, but they will begin pushing current and future orders for the 4×4’s into 2016 production.

MB Sprinter USA is trying to get additional 2015 production but there are only a certain number of the vendor supplied 4 wheel drive systems that will be available. I will let those of you with orders that are scheduled for 2016 if there is any change in getting one sooner.

Production for 2016 Sprinter 4×4’s will still be limited, so I advise my 4×4 customers to keep their spot in line for a 2016. July production would mean the units will be ready to ship out from Ladson South Carolina sometime in late September or early October.

My first customer order should be arriving here in about 3-4 weeks, and I will take a bunch of pictures when it arrives. This one is a 144″ wb high roof Crew Van.

I know many of your are just now getting the info about the 4×4 and would like to be on the list so please just let me know your interest and I will do everything possible to get one for you.

In addition to the new 4×4 model arriving soon, I also have a 3500 Super Single Extended body and a 3500 Super Single with the Mega Super High Roof coming soon. Let me know if you have an interest in one of these all new models.

And finally for everyone who is looking to do something before summer to get a new Sprinter van should let me know what model you are looking for so I can send to you a list of available Sprinter vans that are here and especially if you are looking for a special price for your Sprinter purchase. Just complete the box below and submit, I will send you an email with my special offers.


2 thoughts on “Sprinter 4×4 update – production schedule for remaining 2015 builds

  1. Robert Harris says:

    Hello sprinter van fans I currently own a sprinter based Itasca navion model year 2011. I would love winnabago and other top rv makers to use the new 4 x 4 chassis with the cross wind technology. If they don start producing RVS with this new sprinter…I will go buy the Chassis and do it myself. What are they waiting for!

    • Robert,
      That would be a great package to have the 4 wheel drive with a Itasca C-Class RV. They are not building Sprinter Cab Chassis with the 4 wheel drive so no way for the RV companies to do something like this. We can do a B-Class RV build with a 4×4 and you will get the cross wind technology as well.

      Let me know if you want to discuss a RV conversion on one of our 4×4 Sprinter vans.


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