Here is our First 4×4 Sprinter Van – Congratulations Mike K.

Finally after all these years of waiting, the very first Sprinter 4×4 has arrived!












MORE PICS TO FOLLOW SOON – click on each pic to enlarge

But sorry everyone – Mike K. ordered this beautiful Flame Red Crew Van back in November.

If you would like to place your order for a 2016 Sprinter 4×4 van we should do so very soon. All of the 2015’s that could not get scheduled for 2015 production are going to be moved to 2016 production that begins in July. Those vans will start arriving in late September or early October.

There will be still a limited number of 2016 Sprinter 4×4’s available for production so if you want one you should get your order in the system asap.

I have 16 sold orders in the system for Sprinter 4×4’s that are scheduled for 2015 production. IF BY CHANCE, one of these becomes available, someone decides they cannot take it for what ever reason, I will then first offer it to one of the other 7 folks who placed their order with me, that their order will be a 2016. If they do not want the van then I will post the van on with first to respond with a deposit able to pick it up. This will make it very important for you to be following my blog so you get notice with everyone else that any of the 2015 Sprinter 4×4’s would be available.

To get an email notification of my postings, if you are not getting them now, just click the link on the right side of this page to sign up.

On another note, we are making fantastic deals on the remaining new 2014’s in stock. If you want to know what the deals are, just complete the form below.

And finally, I was able to snag a few more 2015 Passenger Vans for sale, most are 144″ wheelbase standard low roofs, but there are a couple of high roofs and one is a 170″ wb. They are all listed in my Current Sprinter Inventory list.


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