Wow, it’s been a while since I last posted any Sprinter news.

Good news – the Sprinter Guy has been extremely busy. Sprinter sales Nationally for YTD are up by 15% over last years numbers, and in August alone they were 20% higher than last August.

For the Sprinter Guy, my numbers are up by 40% year to date, so it’s been a very good year for Sprinter sales here in Georgetown Texas. And the best is yet to come with our all new Metris arriving this October. It will be a big hit for the folks who just do not need as much room as what the Sprinter gives.

My success is not just attributed to what I do, but the great products that Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has given to us, as well as the tremendous increase in the general population here in Williamson County Texas, which has been ranked as the number one county in the entire USA in growth.

So what’s happening in the world of Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vans. We are getting ready to head to Ladson South Carolina around the middle of this month for our annual Sprinter Managers meeting with the folks from the factory, vendors with displays of conversions they can do for us, and training for the all new Metris mid size commercial van.

I’m not sure if I mentioned earlier but I had the opportunity to get close and personal with the all new Metris vans last month. We drove them on the streets of Houston and I can tell you, I came away with such excitement about what MB Commercial Vans will be able to offer our customers. We hope to have a few demo vans here later this month, and the first months production should start arriving in mid October. Stay tuned for more info about the new Metris, cargo and passenger vans.

I know that many of you have contacted me in regards to when will we get the Marco Polo pop top camper van here in the USA. I wish I could say it is coming, and that will be one of the questions I will be asking the folks from Sprinter USA in a few weeks. It would be great to have a factory built small RV or traveling vehicle like the Marco Polo, but it may not be here for a while yet. Yes, I will ask the question about when and will report back after we return from South Carolina.

So for now, I can tell this. If you were thinking of buying a new Sprinter van, and were waiting for the special year end deals to happen, you might want to contact me now as the inventory is good today, but with sales as brisk as they have been, the good stuff will be going quickly.

I have 7 new 2014 Sprinter vans remaining. I have over 50 new 2015’s in stock. There are about 300-400 units sitting at the regional inventory pool that we can pull from, and the 2016’s are on their way. You might even be able to get your hands on one of the hottest products Sprinter has ever had, the Sprinter 4×4 van. I have a couple that customers ordered but decided they could not wait the 7-10 months to get it, so they are available for someone to purchase, out of stock today!

If you have any questions about the all new Metris vans, or would like to know what I have in stock today, please complete the form below and hit submit. I will followup with an email with any offers I can make for you today. Or just give me a call at 512-930-6158.

One last thing, have you seen the price of diesel fuel lately? Here in Central Texas diesel is $2.20 per gallon. What is it where you live?


2 thoughts on “Wow, it’s been a while since I last posted any Sprinter news.

  1. paul konhaus says:

    Hi Dave, What is the difference between a Metris and a Vito. Have you heard anything about a 4X4 option?
    My 4X4 Sprinter is working out nice. Thanks for your help in getting the right options.

    • The Metris is the same as the Vito, they just thought the name Vito would not be accepted by the US market for some reason. Of course, just like with Sprinter vans, there are difference options and features with European and US spec models.

      The initial production of Metris is with a 4 cyl turbo gasoline engine, rear wheel drive only. I expect in the next few years we will see the diesel engine and an all wheel drive model available.

      I drove the Metris last month in some training and was very impressed with the van just the way it is. More details will follow on


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