Build & Equip Your New MB Sprinter Van

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter USA has just updated their website to include a new feature they call, Build & Equip which will allow you to choose the model, color, and equipment for your new Sprinter Van. It will give you a total retail price along with a detailed explanation of the options and features. Check it out. Click HERE to get redirected. Come back to the “Sprinter Guy” website for more info and leave your contact details to place your order.


3 thoughts on “Build & Equip Your New MB Sprinter Van

  1. I’m looking for a handicapped conversion where the lift is stored under the van (leaving more floorspace). Want the front passenger seat able to relocate to another position in the van. This allows the wheelchair to be positioned either in the front passing position or a back row. Would like rear heat, air and DVD.

    • Mr. Johnson,

      I have done quite a few mobility convesions for customers, one very similar to what you are looking for. We had one customer who we ordered his van with the sliding door on the left side, no right side sliding door, with the lift on the left side. He had the right front passenger seat removed and his mobility conversion company made it so he can put his mobile chair there. The main reason he wanted the sliding door on the right side was to not have the foot well step on the passenger side for the rear sliding door, so his chair would not get caught in it.

      I am working right now with another customer who is going to add hand controls so she can get in the van with the side lift, and transition from her chair to the drivers seat so she can drive.

      So in other words, we have many different ways we can help you get the van so you can enjoy getting out more.

      Where do you live?

      I will be away from my office Thursday, but Friday I will work on a quote for you and will send it to you in an email.

      Thanks for thinking of the Sprinter Guy for your needs.


  2. We live in Germantown, TN which is a suburb of Memphis. I’ve seen the captains chair on rollers that could be use in several locations of the van. We are not interest in driver controls because the handicapped will not be driving. We would like the back bench seat to make a bed and the captains chairs to be oversized and recline to make a bed also. Again we want a lift that stores under the van as apposed to inside the van. Also, if we could find a used van would you do the conversion?

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