Current Sprinter Inventory



You have come to the right place to see what new Sprinter Vans we have in stock today.

See below what we currently have available in stock or on it’s way to Mercedes-Benz of Georgetown. Inventory changes so please send me an email or give me a call to confirm availability. If it says “at the VPC” these are in Ladson, South Carolina waiting for completion and shipping to us.

The prices you see on the links to each van listed below, are the factory’s Suggested Retail Price, but this is not the Sprinter Guy price. To see what my price will be for any Sprinter van in stock please put the stock number in the comments section of the form below along with your email address and I will send you my Sprinter Guy price.


Sprinter 4×4’s

 call or email for current availability. 512-942-6923




2016 Passenger 144 low roof V6 Arctic White $58,448 #GE126840

2016 Passenger 144 low roof 4 cyl Pebble Grey $48,263 #GE127265

2016 Passenger 144 low roof Cavansite Blue $52,349 #GE128072

2016 Passenger 144 high roof 4 cyl Brilliant Silver $53,624 #GE133286

2016 Passenger 144 high roof 4 cyl Obsidian Black Metallic $56,577 #GE128075

2016 Passenger 144 high roof 4 cyl Brilliant Silver $57,165 #GE125076

2016 Passenger 144 high roof 4 cyl Jet Black $57,165 #GE125841


2016 Passenger 170 Brilliant Silver $61,860 #GE127787


 2016 Crew 144 low roof V6 Arctic White $43,040 #GE131696

2016 Crew 144 low roof V6 Arctic White $43,040 #GE132075

2016 Crew 170 4 cyl Arctic White $47,111 #GE127983

2016 Crew 170 V6 Arctic White $50,356 #GE131475



2016 Worker Vans

2016 Worker Van Arctic White $33,490 #GP313361




2016’s 2500

2016 2500 144 high roof V6 Stone Grey X14 $59,231 #GP345880

2016 2500 170 Graphite Grey Met 4 cyl $45,935 #GP337006

2016 2500 170 Graphite Grey Met 4 cyl Addendum label for stk# GP337006



2016’s 3500

2016 3500 144 low roof 4 cyl 11,030 GVWR $42,697 #GP242619

2016 3500 170 Arctic White 4 cyl Super Single $49,044 #GP314047




Cab Chassis may be available at the factory in Ladson South Carolina. Call for special pricing.

Let me know what models, options and colors you would like to have on your new Sprinter Van.


Don’t see the Sprinter Van that you want……There are vans available at the Sprinter Factory in South Carolina that I can get. Send me an email to let me know what model and color you might have an interest in.

We are accepting orders for 2016’s right now. Special order your Sprinter Van with an estimated delivery of between 90-100 days.

Contact Dave Graham 512-942-6923 or email


25 thoughts on “Current Sprinter Inventory

  1. Darrin says:

    What kind of MPG can I expect from a 170 passinger. I’ve been told the V6 is not as efficient as the 5 Cyl.

    THANX, Darrin

    • The factory does not rate mpg like passenger cars, but all of the customers I have sold tell me they get between 18-24 mpg, and it really doesn’t matter which model, or high or low roof, they all get about the same. From what I hear the big difference is your mileage goes down when you get up over 65 mph.

  2. Jimmy Taylor says:

    We bought a sprinter van for our church, Westland Baptist Church, last year. I was wondering if you had any good deals on sprinter van. We have a guy in our church who wants us to look into another one.
    Jimmy Taylor

    • Good to hear from you Jimmy,

      I have a few Passenger vans here in stock, and a few more 170″ wb Passenger vans coming in. Go onto and click the link above that says Current Sprinter Inventory. Scroll down the page and you will see the listings of the Passenger vans I have here and coming in.

      Pick which one looks like the one you want, and send me an email with the VIN, and I will shoot you back a price. You know I will take care of you on the price, so just pick out which van you want.

      Hope I can assist you again,


    • Pete,

      Thank you for your interest in a new Sprinter van with a Sportsmobile conversion. We do about 45 to 50 vans each year for customers who want the Sprinter van with the Sportsmobile conversion.

      We have built vans in all sizes, from the 144″ Wheelbase, which is 19 feet bumper to bumper, to the longest vans, the 170″ wheelbase with Extended body that is 24 feet bumper to bumper.

      144″ wb can come in either a low roof, or the high roof version. All 170’s are high roof.

      For 2014 we have two engine choices, the new 4 cyl twin turbo diesel with the 7 speed automatic transmission, and the V6 turbo diesel with 5 speed automatic that we have been using since 2007.

      As far as options go, it is more to what you want on or in your van that matters. There are options that most of our Sportsmobile customers order on their vans. I will send to you some samples of what other customers have ordered.

      You can access the factory Build and Equip at, where you can see more info about the new 2014 models, the options, colors and build one online. You can then send me a copy and I will give you what price I am able to sell the van to you for.

      You should contact Paul Meyer at Sportsmobile Texas for the conversion info. His number is 512-835-4409 or email



  3. C Brown says:

    Dave current inventory. E5831176. Is what I’m interested in. With the added awning; 110 convert outlets and shoreline. Would you give me quote for a vehicle like this

    • Lee Ann,

      Unfortunatley there are no inexpensive or “Cheap” solutions, but the Sprinter is the best solution. Let me know if the 2005 Sprinter turns out to be the direction you go, but if not I can put together a quote for you on a new Sprinter van with a mobility package to help you and your husband enjoy driving again.


    • Rodger,

      First go to the page with the Current Sprinter Inventory, then scroll down the page to see the different models, separated by passenger, Crew and Cargo Van sections, then click on the link to the one you want to look at and it will open another page with the information for that van.

      If you need help just send me your email and what models you are interested in and I can send you the info that way.


    • Fuel mileage varies so much based on a lot of factors. Somewhat by the size of the van, but more so with the load carried and the speed that you are driving. Here is what my customers tell me.

      Witht the V6 engine, the range is 18-22 mpg, the new 4 cyl is 22-26 mpg. The extended van does weight just a little more, but that is not the biggest determining factor. More important is the speed you are driving. Either engine will get you better fuel mileage if you can keep the speed under 70 mph. Fuel economy drops off when you are driving faster.

      How hard your right foot is on the gas pedal makes more of a difference than the size of the van.

      Hope this helps.


    • Well that is what they tell us. They plan to have the Ladson South Carolina assembly plant in full operation to produce the 2018 A30 new body Sprinter van. How much different, well I guarantee you will know before I do as the factory does not give us much if any advance info about future products. They don’t want us distracted from selling what we have now. I really do not know how much different it will be, what engine transmission combinations we will see or anything. But it is suppose to happen for late 2017 production of the 2018 model year.

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