Customer Testimonies

to protect the privacy their last names and phone numbers have been altered.

Customer Comments

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James from Lakeway….

“David Graham is a pleasure to work with, very considerate and could not be more helpful. He also provides excellent resources references and guidance.”

Gary from Northern California….

David Graham “The Sprinter Guy” was a life saver for my Sprinter purchase process. He very patiently spent many hours with me via email and phone when you add it all up answering all the questions I had about the vehicle and the myriad of options choices. And the amazing thing is that he picked up the phone nearly every time I called him. In this age of hiding behind voicemail, it was truly refreshing to have someone that was so immediately accessible. I don’t know how he does it. It was like I was the only customer he had and he was just waiting by the phone for me to call him (although I now the opposite was the case and he has tons of customers all needing the same attention). And ever so rarely, when he was not able to answer the phone personally, he texted me immediately letting me know when I could call back. David even picked us up at the Hotel we stayed at to shuttle us out to The Austin Sportsmobile factory so we could pick up our vehicle and start our epic camping trip back home to California. I hope to send many folks to David to do the same for them when everyone I encounter sees how cool this Mercedes/Sportsmobile combination vehicle is.

Gordon from Leander….

Dave was a pleasure to work with. His presence online was the reason I chose to go to Georgetown for this purchase rather than a MB dealership closer to me, and he was equally knowledgeable in person.

Brian from Austin….

Excellent experience!!

Christine from Austin….

Dave the sprinter guy is the best. He waited 2 years to sell us this van. Always pleasant and extremely patient.

Chet from Cedar Park…

Very good experience and appreciate the help.

Viper Plumbing from Dallas….

First off let me explain our situation at Viper Plumbing. We are a small company, but in the process of growing. We went to our local Arlington TX Mercedes Dealership near our area. Although the folks that greeted us were friendly, the sales folks could not answer our questions. Their Sprinter van sales rep was out the day we stopped by. I was handed a business card and advised to call Mathew Gaunt. They did not offer to take my info and have Mr. Gaunt call me instead. A few days passed and I finally found time to call. Although Mr. Gaunt was courteous and friendly, I didn’t feel inclined to set up an appointment and stop by again.

Sometime later, I found an ad on Craig’s list regarding a red work van that would be perfect for my company. I called Mr. Graham at Mercedes-Benz of Georgetown and found out the vehicle I was interested in was recently sold. Mr. Graham patiently listened to my situation and the challenges I was faced with. To my surprise, he offered numerous solutions to my problem. He took down my information and offered to send me an email with several offers. Long story short, we agreed on one of the vehicles that would best fit our needs. From the very first call to the lastest encounter we had with Mr. Graham, it was always pleasant and easy going. The paper work was short and went very smoothly. I will highly recommend and would come back for any future purchases. Georgetown is a 2 1/2 hour drive one way. But with the high level of customer service we received over the phone/email, we didn’t mind making the trip to pick up our new work vehicle.

My only regrets would that I won’t be able to try out their service department in Georgetown. I could only imagine the same wonderful service. Unfortunately, my first encounter with the local service department at Park Place Motorcars in Arlington recently, was not just okay not superior.

It’s so hard to find people who are committed and do their best to make others happy. I am grateful and appreciate all we have received from Mr. Dave Graham. I look forward to adding more trucks to our company and dealing with him again.


Brian from Universal City….

No issues here.. Dave did a fantastic job!

Jack from Bryan…

Great buying experience from salesperson!

Express Plus from Austin…

truly happy with my purchase , great customer service.

Scott from Stillwater OK….

first class dealership all the way…I’m sure my next vehicle purchase from Mercedes-Benz of Georgetown will be as perfect a performance as this one was! feedback

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