Let’s build a 2016 Sprinter Van

This page is designed to assist you in picking the correct model and options for your new 2016 Sprinter van. It does not cover all of the combinations that are available, as there are hundreds of ways to build a Sprinter van. If you have questions about option packages and how some of the packages or options work together, please use the comment box to send me your questions.

At this point you may know which model you are interested in, so click the link below to open the PDF that will give you all of the options for the model you are going to order. Don’t worry about whether or not any of these options or packages conflict with each other, I will make sure you have chosen a buildable order. So go through the options and packages, and add in the box below all of the three digit option codes you would like to have. Again don’t worry if some are included in packages or conflict, I will sort it out, I just want to know everything you want on your van.

2016 Color Choices

2016 Passenger Options

2016 Crew Options

2016 2500 Cargo Van Options

2016 3500 Cargo Van Options

Begin by checking the buttons or drop down choices on the lists below. Once you have your basic list complete, fill out the customer info box and submit. I will then go through your wish list and see if there needs to be any changes to the build. I will then send you a return email with the build and price quote for you. I might also send to you a revised recommendation build for you to consider.

The next step to placing the actual order will be for you to send me a confirmation email that the build is correct and I will submit the order to the factory. Once we have an accepted order, I will send back to you the order confirmation. We will have a 10 to 15 day time period to make any needed changes to the order. I will ask you to either send us a $1000 check for your deposit or call me with a credit card.

Orders take 90 days to get built for Crew and Passenger vans and 120 days for Cargo vans to arrive. We can have the van arrive here at our Central Texas location or I can make arrangements to have the van delivered to a custom van conversion shop of your choosing. We can also discuss the possibility to have your van delivered to a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter dealer close to where you live but there will be some additional costs to do this. We can discuss your needs once we have the build figured out.

So have fun building your Sprinter van here with the help of the Sprinter Guy.


10 thoughts on “Let’s build a 2016 Sprinter Van

  1. Fred Tom says:


    I want 2 fixed windows in the rear and 1 fixed window on the sliding door on the passenger side. I want the rear windows and the side window to be tinted. I only see option W70 – Black tinted windows in rear. How can I get the side window tinted?

    • They only have one option code, W70 for tinted windows. If you order side windows they all get tinted for this same price. Just a little confusing in the order guide, but you will get all rear windows tinted if you order W70.

      I do not see your name on any emails to me for giving you my quote for a Sprinter Van, have you sent me any wish lists yet? Are you looking for a 2 wheel drive or the new 4×4?

      Send me your wish list so I can make sure it will build like you want it and I can give you my Sprinter Guy price.


  2. Fred Tom says:


    I’m just toying with the idea of a sprinter. If I follow through, I probably will not order until MY 2016. I have another question regarding the 4X4 option. I see the following:

    1. X17 – Suspension Package 1
    2. X21 Heavy Duty Front Axle Package
    3. X30 – Low & High Range 4X4
    4. XB5 – GVWR 11,030

    I think I need to order X21, X30, and XB5. Am I missing anything by leaving out X17?

    • Fred, Option codes X17 and X21 cannot be ordered together as within each of these packages is one code that is the same, the CF6 HD springs and shocks, and you cannot order the X17 with the X30 because they both have the C45 HD stabilizer bar. So we would just order the X21, X30 and XB5

    • Ed, if we took your order today for a Sprinter 4×4, and sent it to a conversion company to do the conversion for you, it will most likely be close to next April or May, 2016 to get one built for you.

      4×4’s are sold out for 2015, we already have orders that will be changed from 2015’s that they could not build, to 2016’s that begin in July 2015. Even if we got one of the July or August productions the van would not be build and arrive to the conversion shop until around November or December, then you will see another 2-3 months to get the conversion finished.

      If you want to discuss the possibilities send me an email to dave@sprinterguy.com so we can begin the process.


  3. Terry says:

    Dave.appreciate your work ethics.Mercedes-Benz not so much..Ordered 4×4 with option HOO,window air bags. Sent MBZ several emails,they asked for build #etc. Never replied to me…Looks like I am in for a long haul with MBZ’S Customer or lack of SERVICE..I now see airbags are standard, and you can order HOO..my $52,000 mistake,I waited 4 years..Sad but true…

    • We can only order parts for vans that were sold here in the USA. You might be able to get the roof marker lights as those are available on some US cab chassis. Not sure about side markers as we do not use them in the US.

      You should go in to your local MBenz Sprinter parts department and as who is the most experienced parts person when it comes to Sprinter vans and see what they say.

      Good luck.

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