smart car info

I know this is the Sprinter Guy website, but a lot of my Sprinter owners, also own a smart car!

Maybe because they get up to 40 mpg? Or have prices under $15,000 for a new 2014 smart pure? Or maybe because of the $99 per month special lease offer!

If you have a business, and are looking for innovative ways to market yourself, get yourself a smart pure, lease it for $99 per month for 3 years, and spend about $1500 on a full body wrap with all of your company info on it. I guarantee you will get lots of looks and it’s less expensive than a 2 inch ad in the local newspaper, that runs once per month and you never know if anyone looks at it. They will look at the smart car with your business info plastered all over it.

They also can be towed behind your Sprinter van if you want a small car to have when you arrive at your final destination.

We have programs for Teachers, USAA members, loyalty for current Mercedes-Benz owners, including Sprinter van owners, and other fleet incentives.

Here are some of my customers who have smart cars for their businesses.

Georgetown-Round Rock-20130610-01502


more pics to follow.


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