21 thoughts on “Sprinter Forums

  1. Dave Parker says:

    What type of engine oil is recommended for our 2005 Dodge Sprinter diesel 5-cylinder (2.7 liter) and where do we get the oil filters?

    • Please fell free to contact our service or parts department to get the correct info about the oil and filter required for your Sprinter Van. You can call them at 512-930-6150 and ask for the parts department. Where do you live? It looks like your email address may mean you are on the west coast, if so you should contact the closest Mercedes-Benz Sprinter dealer in your area. You can find who that is by going to http://www.mbsprinterusa.com and click the button at the top that says find a dealer. Put in your zip code and you can find out who that is.

      Good luck.

      the Sprinter Guy

    • Round ones work best! Customers have told me that Continentals are the best, some say Michelins are the best. I guess it depends on what you are doing with your van. Probably best to speak with a tire store.

  2. Ira C. says:

    Hi Dave, My name is Ira and I work for an Airstream motor home dealer in So. Calif. We sell the Interstate which is based on the 3500 long wheel base which was first available in 2012 and is still going strong for the 2014 model year, however no one here at the dealership can tell me what the chassis improvements are for the 14′ vs. the 2012. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  3. John Totten says:

    Still trying to understand the process for purging the water out of the fuel filter. I know what the manual says, but am unable to find the “plug” that is supposed to allow the water/fuel mixture drain out after turning the key to the #2 position.

    There are three connections to the 2014 MB 3.0 ltr turbo diesel and one of them goes to the radiator support on the right side of the engine compartment. Have no idea where the “plug” is or if it is the knob that is at the transition where the line goes from relatively solid to the small rubber hose.

  4. John Totten says:

    Service people are a great asset, but I can’t taken them into the wilderness though. I did finally find the answer. I fear that there was something lost in the translation as the book says make sure you reinstall the “drain plug”. Silly me I was not able to find “the drain plug” because there is not one. There is a transition from the hose to the solid line and by rotating the bushing the hose is opened up so the water can be removed from the fuel filter. It took a while but I finally figured it out. Thanks for your assistance. The next item is to find out where the plug for the scan tool is located.

    • Frank,
      Great question, depending on what year you have there is a dash warning light that should come on when you get low on DEF. Once that happens you have about 700-900 miles you can drive before you get the next set of warnings which will say you have a certain number of starts remaining. If it gets down to one start remaining and you did not top off the DEF, the engine will not start.

      Here is what I tell all of my customers, don wait for the light to come on. Put yourself on a regular schedule of topping off your DEF tank either once a month or every two or three months depending on how much driving you do. That way you have plenty of DEF if you take off for a trip or something, and you then don’t have to worry about hitting the “Count Down” mode.


  5. Hi, i just purchased a 2015 mercedes sprinter with the 2.1 deisel long base high top cargo van for my business. I have heard so many bad comments about the poor reliability of the sprinter but i still took the chance and puchased one because of the room and im tired of crawling around on ny knees trying to get parts, is there antying i need to do above and beyond to make sure it dkes not break down on me all the time
    .. i plan on topping off the def fluid on a monthly basis like suggested and i plan on changing my oil and filter every 10000 miles myself with the mobile 1 synthetic, and i plan on replacing fuel filter every 20000 miles wether it needs it or not along with replacing cabin and air filters every 20000 miles and either cleaning or replacing egr valve every 30000 miles . Also i plan on washing it with that armor all wash & wax at least once a month or every other month.. any suggestions would be appreciated.

    • Joe,
      The biggest problem folks have with the new diesel vehicles, whether it is a Mercedes or one of the Ford, GMC or other diesel vehicles is they don’t drive them enough and at a highway speed for a length of time to allow the DEF system to work. Short trips, slow speeds, these are what causes problems with DEF systems.
      Do what you say you plan to do with servicing and then drive the van, you will find it very reliable.

  6. Ok, sounds good i appreciate the advise, im lucky enough as to where i do drive on highway all the time, the speed limit here is 55 mph, i normally drive around 60 mph , probably 3 times a week,


  7. Hi Dave , what brand of battery do you recommend for my 2015 mercedes sprinter van 2.1 deisel, with the highest cold cracking amps. Im not sure if the factory batteries are of good qaulity. But i live in cold climate area, especially in winter months my vsn sits outside daily, and i would hate to go outside early morning and find out that the current factory battery will not start in very cold months.. also not sure if you have a good all seasonal tire that goes good in snow



  8. wynn says:

    hi dave, my problem is that my DPF (diesel particulate filter) has a crack in it and my mercedes service rep is telling me that it will cost me 3500 dollars to replace it. Im wanting to know if there’s something else i can do like repair or have an aftermarket exhaust installed…anything but spend 3500 bucks !

  9. Kerry Gorrell says:

    I have a 2016 Mercedes Sprinter. I live in Southern California, I am currently in Calgary Canada. How do I switch from MPH to Kilometers?

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