Sprinter Van – Auxiliary Heating Options. UPDATED FOR 2014 MODEL YEAR

This page will attempt to shed some light and offer additional information pertaining to the many different option codes for Auxiliary Rear Heating systems in the Sprinter Van. Every model of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans, Cargo, Crew and Passenger vans have options for Rear Heating Systems. This might get a little tedius in determining which is the best fit for your needs, and if you wish to get advice or more info please give me a call or send me an email.

There were a few changes in the options for rear heat in 2014.

Here is a discription, benfits and some photos of these option codes. Click on the image to expand the size.

Guide to optional Aux  heating systems pg 1

Guide to optional Aux  heating systems pg 2

H12 – OK by itself, OK with HY1, not available with HZ9 or H13
H13 – requires either HZ9 or HZ5, OK with HY1, not available with H12
HZ5 – requires H13, OK with HY1, not available with HZ9 or H12
HZ9 – OK by itself, OK with H13, not available with HY1, H12 or HZ5

H01 : Insulation for Rear Compartment

H01 is included in all rear heat packages in Passenger and Crew Vans, and is a stand alone option available in Cargo Vans. PLEASE UNDERSTAND, THIS IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR ADDING ADDITIONAL INSULATION IN THE SIDE WALLS OR CEILING. THIS SHOULD BE CONSIDERED JUST A MINIMUM AMOUNT OF INSULATION.


H04 : Heat Insulation for Front Cab

H12 Auxiliary front heater
H13 Auxiliary rear heater


HZ5 aux heater, warm water with timer pg 1
HZ5 aux heater, warm water with timer pg 2

HZ9 heater booster

HY1 aux heater remote control

HOO rear air duct between front seats


To give you as much info as possible in regards to the optional heating and air conditioning systems, here is an 11 page owners guide to the operation of the different Heat and Air Conditioning features.

Climate Control Operation Heat and Air front and rear


I hope this helps you understand the options and features of the different Rear Heating Systems for the Sprinter Van. If you have other questions please do not hesitate to call me at 512-930-6158 or send an email to dave@sprinterguy.com



7 thoughts on “Sprinter Van – Auxiliary Heating Options. UPDATED FOR 2014 MODEL YEAR

  1. Terry says:

    Any way to order H00 on a Cargo van? Would Love this option..Any other ideas Dave, I am going to make a small Conversion..Appreciate all. I have heard that 4×4 will be around $5,000, Thanks Again..

    • Terry,

      The option H00 is not available as a stand alone option on cargo vans. It is available in Crew vans, but we can order the Mobility Prep Pkg option in the cargo vans and the H00 is included in it. The X14 Mobility Prep Pkg includes the following items.

      Do3 High Roof, ED5 Parametric Module, ES2 12 volt outlet rear compartment, E28 Aux 100 amp battery with relay, E46 12 volt outlet base of drivers seat, H00 Heater Air Duct for Passenger compartment, H22 rear window defroster, VA1 side wall paneling, V31 Window Pillar Trim, V36 rear roof trim, W02 fixed windows all around.

      The factory guys told me to expect the price of the 4×4 to be closer to $7500, but nothing is set yet.

      Last orders for 2014’s will go in this next week. First orders for 2 wheel drive 2015’s will begine in May. 4×4 orders sometime by the end of this calender year with delivery in early 2015.


  2. Terry says:

    Thanks Dave, I am going to buy a 140″ wb low roof,Windows in Rear only.I like the Rear heat/ac vent between seats.I think I sent you a build ..Again thanks for Reply..Waiting for 4×4.

  3. Seth Blankenship says:

    Just purchased a Leisure Van (BlueTec) when the auxiliary heater is turned on ALOT of smoke is coming out of the exhaust pipe underneath, is this normal on a new unit?

    • Seth,
      Here in Texas we very seldom have an opportunity to get the factory aux heaters to work because they only work at temps under 39 degrees. Do you have the factory rear heat or one installed by Leisure Van?
      If it is the factory unit you will need to check with a dealer in the cold climates who may have more experience with issues with the aux heater.
      If it is an aftermarket system, you should contact the conversion company or an RV dealer repair shop.
      Wish I could offer more info.

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