Sprinter update

Next Tuesday we meet with the Sprinter USA Corporate Staff at our annual Sprinter Managers Meeting in Ladson South Carolina.

I have many questions I will be asking the factory higher ups in regards to the upcoming new Sprinter 4×4, but how much info they will release to us at this early juncture is unknown. But if you have any specific questions you have, or comments in regards to future products, please complete the form below and submit.

When I return I will post what news they will allow me to post. In the meantime, I have 2015 Sprinter orders with early production dates that I can make changes to fit your desires, but these orders will become fixed in the next few weeks.

I do not think you will find a better inventory of Cargo vans, all models and body styles about 35 in stock, 6 five passenger Crew Vans and 14 twelve Passenger vans, 144″ and 170″ wheelbase, all available with special Sprinter Guy pricing.

Finally for those of you looking for the BEST DEAL I have one new 2500 144″ wb, standard roof Cargo Van with full factory windows and rear roof air, and 2 new 2013 2500 170″ wb Cargo Vans that you really should contact me in regards to special pricing that is available. Just fill out the box below that says send me the special sale price for the remaining new 2013’s and I will get you that information.

We have been working with many of you in building custom conversion vans for personal use, some with handicap mobility packages, and lots of commercial builds. This is why folks from all over the USA contact me to get their Sprinter van, because of my contacts and associations with company’s that can turn your dreams into reality.

Send me your questions or comments so I have lots to talk about with the folks at Sprinter USA next week.

Mercedes-Benz of Georgetown


Have You Missed Me? The SPRINTER GUY has been on vacation in Toledo Ohio

I know, why does the Sprinter Guy and family who live in Austin Texas, go to the frozen north, Toledo Ohio on vacation? This was home for many years, and we have lots of family still here.

But I thought I would be able to keep up with news of the 2014 Sprinter world while away, but we had internet issues and have just been able to get online.

Also, anyone who has sent an email to dave@sprinterguy.com in the past 60 days, it might not have arrived, so please excuse the lack of a response, please resend your message so I can get your questions answered.

We are headed to Columbus in the morning to visit more relatives there for a few days, then it’s 1300 miles back home. Hopefully we will be back on the 15th and back to work in the store sometime that day.

So, hope everyone has had a great start to the new year, and we will be working together on getting you a new Sprinter van this year.

I thought in case you had not ever seen this article, I ran across it and thought it worth reposting for those who missed it before. Who do you think started the Cargo Van business, back in the 50’s, yep our own Daimler Mercedes-Benz. Here is the link to the story.


Sprinter Inventory link above has been updated

I just updated the inventory on the link above, “Current Sprinter Inventory” so take a look at everything I have available here in stock or coming in.

There are some fantastic offers right now on the remaining new 2013’s! Unbelievable prices and very low interest rate finance terms are available. I can send to you a price quote if you would like to see what is available. Just click the submit button below to allow me to send you the special offers from the Sprinter Guy.

You can give me a call at 512-930-6158 or send an email to dave@sprinterguy.com for more details.

Federal Tax Savings and End Of The Year Purchases!

No one really likes to talk about TAXES or Spending Money, but I know a lot of you will need to think about both of these in the next 60 days.

I also know that every year, come November and especially December, right up to the last day of the year, we always have customers who come in and tell me, “My Accountant told me to go buy something before the end of the year!”

So start making your end of the year business plans and let’s get going on the last minute 2013 business expense purchases while we have a good selection of Sprinter Vans available.

Just so you can review the 179 Tax law, and please discuss with your CPA or tax professional how this can effect you and your business, here is the link to the 179 Tax law.

The best part is, I have the best selection of new Sprinter Vans I ever have had. Take a look at the Current Sprinter Inventory by going HERE

Don’t forget that I can place an order to build a new 2014 Sprinter Van to your exact specs. Give me a call at 512-930-6158 or send an email to dave@sprinterguy.com to talk about your custom Sprinter Van.


The transport trucks are lining up as I post this, at the factory in Ladson South Carolina, getting the first new 2014 Sprinter Vans loaded to get shipped to the dealers.

I expect to see our first new 2014’s either this weekend or early next week here in Central Texas.

Mercedes-Benz also has announced a Special Program for members of USAA Insurance for all new 2013 or 2014 Sprinter Vans. If you are a USAA member, please either give me a call or send me an email so I can share with you the special offer Sprinter USA has for you.

This is an exciting time for the Sprinter Guy. New 2014’s on the way, special price for USAA Members, and I have available for you, fantastic price offerings on the remaining new 2013’s. Please give me a call or send me an email if you would like to learn more about these great programs.

Check out my current inventory of Sprinter vans HERE.

I can also assist you with low APR financing or different lease packages for Sprinter Vans.



2014 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans Will Be Here Soon!!!!

Sometime between the middle to end of September we will get the first all new 2014 Sprinter Vans here in Georgetown Texas.

I posted what stock units I have coming in for the new 2014’s, click the link at the top of the page that says Current Sprinter Inventory.

There are a bunch of sold orders going in every day, so if you wish to place your order for the all new 2014, then please send me an email as soon as possible so we can begin the process.

This will be a fantastic year for Sprinter Vans USA, and especially for the “Sprinter Guy” here in Central Texas.

2014 Order Guide for 2500 Cargo Vans has been posted above.

The 2014 Dealer Order Guide is a nightmare to figure out. They have changed most all of the packages, and some items just don’t seem to be shown here yet. They will be making changes in this information over then few days, so I will post changes as they come in.

All that I could get posted here is the 2500 Cargo Van info. The other models will appear in the next few days.

Remember, they will not release the base prices for each model until sometime in August. We were told to expect a comprable 2014 to be about 1% to 1 1/2% over the 2013.

I can add your order in the initial order submission is you are sure of the model you want. We can make changes to colors and options once the unit has a production schedule.

Click the link above that says 2014 M-B Sprinter Order Guide.

Call me at 512-930-6158 or send me an email to dave@sprinterguy.com with questions.