It’s Unbelievable…..The Special Offer from the Sprinter Guy on new 2016 Sprinter Passenger vans in August!

I wish I could post it right here….what the unbelievable special offer is on all new 2016 Sprinter Passenger vans in August!

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But as most of you know, I cannot show you the Sprinter Guy pricing on a public site.  Click the link to my email below and I will send you the August Special Offers on the new 2016 Sprinter Passenger vans. I promise, you will be very happy if you are in the market for a new 12 Passenger van.

You can give me a call at 512-942-6923


SORRY THIS HAS BEEN SOLD – I have a great offer for someone looking for a “Deal”


This van is a new 2016 Sprinter 3500 Cargo Dual Rear Wheel, 144″ wheelbase with the standard Low Roof.

Pretty rare to have a low roof 3500 dual rear wheel cargo van, but this is it.


You get the advantage of maximum payload of 5900 lbs plus it will tow a 7500 lb trailer, with hitch added.

Plus it has just an 8 foot high footprint, so less likely to get damage on the roof, and if you put ladder racks on top you don’t have to reach so far to pull them down.


The best part is, the sale price you can take advantage of with my 2016 model year closeout. I wish I could tell you right here what the sale price is, but the factory does not allow me to post sale prices on public sites, so take just a minute to fill out the comment response box below with your email or text phone number, and I will email or text to you the sale price of this unique Sprinter van.

I can tell you this, we have available with approved credit through Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, these low rates.

0% for 36 or 48 months – 1.9% for 60 months or 2.9% for 72 months.

And if that was not enough, your first two factory recommended services will be done for FREE!  Your first service that you will have to pay for will be 3 years from when you buy the van or when it hits 60,000 miles, now that is what I call a great offer.

with price blured out


Or just give Dave a call at 512-942-6923 or