2014 Sprinter Vans For Sale

I have two Sprinter Preowned vans available for sale. One is a 144″ wb low roof 5 passenger Crew van and the other is a 144″ high roof 9 passenger Custom Conversion Van.



The white Crew van only has 32,000 miles on it. I leased it to a local owner 3 years ago, who thought he would use it more than what he did, so it’s off lease and available for sale today. Sale price is $30,788.

The Pearl Silver Metallic high roof custom conversion was our conversion demo to show what could be done to customize a basic Sprinter passenger van. The conversion was done by Gulf Coast Conversions in Houston. It has a ProAir rear air unit, custom interior, 32″ TV with DVD and more. Only 900 miles, why, we were told by Mercedes-Benz to take it off the market until they had a plan for the Takata air bag recall. So this van was never sold, still on the original MSO. We will sell it as a preowned vehicle which saves you a bunch of money. The sale price is $67,588.

Both of these vans are still waiting for the air bags replacements to come in, so you will be contacted when this happens so you can have us take care of the recall at no cost to you. Until then Mercedes-Benz has said drive the vans as normal.

For more info about these preowned Sprinter vans or any of the great values on the new 2016 and 2017 Sprinter vans I have available, call Dave @ 512-942-6923 or email dave@sprinterguy.com




You want a Sprinter Converted to RV or Luxury Passenger, but don’t want to wait the 6 to 7 months you have been told….

We now have a Nationwide network of quality Sprinter Conversion companies from East to West Coast and from Florida to Oregon.

Sprinter Conversion Sources

You can have a Sprinter converted to a Luxury Passenger vehicle or a B-Class RV by one of the vendors listed in the link above.

And the best part is, if you allow the Sprinter Guy to assist you in getting your Sprinter van, and we use one of these vendors, I will offer to you SPECIAL PRICING on your new Sprinter Van. We then will add to our special price the cost that you and the conversion company determine for the conversion, to make a completed converted Sprinter van purchased from us. You have the choice from where your Sprinter Van comes from when you have it converted.

If you plan to place an order for a Sprinter van equipped with the color and options that you want, we can have your van dropped shipped directly to the conversion company for the conversion completion.

We will take care of getting everything set up with the conversion shop to get your van in their build schedule. In most cases we will take care of all of the local DMV work to title the converted Sprinter Van.

And we have financing programs from Mercedes-Benz Finance with terms up to 72 months, or if you get an RV conversion with the proper equipment, we can assist you with longer term RV financing.

And did I say Special Pricing, if you don’t contact Dave Graham, the Sprinter Guy before buying or getting your quote on a converted Sprinter, especially if you are dealing directly with a conversion company, you will be greatly disappointed. Just make sure you tell me you want a quote for a Sprinter van to be converted by one of the conversion sources listed HERE.

Since January 2010, I have assisted almost 400 buyers of Sprinter vans, with about half of these converted to RV’s or Family and Luxury passenger vans. You can have confidence that you will get the right van that will be best suited to your conversion needs. Our success is due to having the Sprinter product knowledge and knowing who to go to for upfits or conversions to make your puchase stress-free and enjoyable. It all starts with a call to Dave at 512-930-6158 or send an email to dave@sprinterguy.com. You can also complete the form below and I will send you an email with more details.