Hard to believe it’s the first of July!

I just updated the current Sprinter and Metris inventory pages, just click the links to the left to see what is available in stock or coming in soon.

Production for the 2017 Sprinter vans, all with the V6 turbo diesel engine will continue into September. We are waiting on confirmation of the 2018 model year production schedule, but any 2017 order that is in the order queue when 2018 production begins, will automatically be changed to a 2018.

Sprinter 4×4 availability continues to be very slim and orders can take up to 10 months to get. But you have to get your order placed in the system so when a production slot opens up, your order can get it’s place in line.

Special finance terms are available on both the 2016 and 2017 Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vans. Give me a call or send me an email to learn more.

Dave, the “Sprinter Guy”



August 2016 is Metris Month!

Metris Summer Savings Ad copy

You really must check out the Metris Summer Savings Event offer from Dave the Metris Man.

Let’s start off with a $3000 Customer Cash Offer directly From Mercedes-Benz….but wait there is more.

Maybe you are a Member of USAA Insurance, you own a taxi or limo business or you own a company that is a Distributer or Franchise that is on our list of eligible Fleet Partners – If so take another $1000 off the price.

And maybe you currently own, no need to trade in one of these vehicles, if so take another $900 off the price.

  • $900 Conquest Offer for owners of 2009 to 2016 ProMaster, Ram Tradesman, Transit orTransit Connect, Ford E-series van & F series pickup, Dodge Caravan CV, Dodge Sprinter, Nissan NV, Toyota Sienna, Chevy Express, GMC Savana. Trade in not required.

Here are a few examples.


Stk# G3164526 2016 Metris Cargo Van MSRP of $30,968

Less customer Cash Offer……………………….-$  3,000

Less USAA or Partners Program offer………..-$  1,000

Less Conquest Incentive Offer…………………-$    900

Your sale price if you qualify…………………….$26,068

You must qualify for the Partners program and the Conquest Incentive for this price.


right side

Or how about the “Woody Wagon”

Stk# G3095611 2016 Metris 7 Passenger Van MSRP of $44,704

Less customer Cash Offer………………………………..-$  3,000

Less USAA or Partners Program offer………………….-$  1,000

Less Conquest Incentive Offer…………………………..-$    900

Your sale price if you qualify…………………….$39,804

I have 28 new Metris Vans here in stock and more available. To find out your special price, please complete the easy to use drop down form below to tell me what you want in your new Metris van and I will send you a personal quote.

You can always call me at 512-942-6923 or email dave@sprinterguy.com

It’s Hot in Austin Texas, and the DEALS are even Hotter!

Temps at 100 degrees everyday this week, good time to buy a new Mercedes Benz Van!

Here are just some of the fantastic offers from Mercedes-Benz and the Sprinter Guy for June 2016.

row of vans 2

We have 9 new 2015 Sprinter Vans in stock with offers I would like to post but cannot. But I can send you the list of available units and the special Sprinter Guy pricing for each. Just complete the response box below and I will send you the info.


Check out the June Special Offers on the all new 2016 Metris Cargo and Passenger vans.

How about this 2016 Metris Cargo with Cruise Control, Power Outside Mirrors, 4 Keys, LED lights in the cargo compartment and the fuel saving ECO start/stop feature. Price is $30,968

Let’s start with $3000 off for Customer Cash. But wait there could be more!

Are you a USAA Member? Or does your company represent as a Franchise or Distributer one of the 109 companies on our list of available vendors on the F&D program list? Take another $1000 off the price! Want to see if your company is on the approved list, fill out the response form below.

And we are not done yet, if you currently own one of these vehicles, you earned another $900 in savings with our Conquest Offer. You do not need to trade the vehicle in just show current ownership.

2009 – 2016

  • Chevy Express / City Express / GMC Savana
  • Dodge Caravan / Sprinter
  • Ford E Series, F Series, Transit, Transit Connect
  • Nissan NV, NV200
  • Ram Tradesman, Promaster, Promaster City
  • Toyota Siena


The Sprinter Worker, The Best Van now at a Better Price!

I have 6 here in stock today. Special Price and Special Financing available from Mercedes-Benz Finance. Want more info, complete the response form below.

silver with 4x4 logo

Have you been looking for a Sprinter 4×4? I have 4 in stock available today! Send me your info in the response form below and I will send you spec sheets on the four that are immediately available.

It may be HOT in Texas, but we have some very COOL deals available for you. Just send me some info below and I will respond quickly with details about the offers available.



It’s Here – Metris Passenger from Regency Vans

left side doors closed

This is an 8 passenger Mercedes-Benz Metris van with a custom conversion from Regency. They have been awarded MBUSA Master Upfitter status, which means MBUSA has deemed them to do the same quality work you would expect from a Mercedes-Benz product and that the Master Upfitter will stand behind their work for at a minimum 3 years or 36,000 miles.

white front 2

white from sliding right side

white right rear

white rear view 4

white left rear


white left side

white steering wheel

white center console

white dash


Priced at $57,642 plus any applicable tax and license.

If you would like more details about this all new Luxury Mid-Size Passenger Van, please give Dave a call at 512-942-6923 or send an email to dave@sprinterguy.com

The Woody is Back!

Have you seen the all new Woody Metris? Probably not because the Sprinter Guy has the only one like it in the USA.

left front

And now it can be yours! Take a look at the pics and give me a call to set an appointment to get your new Mercedes-Benz Metris “Woody”.

left rear

right rear

right side

If you would like more info about the all new Metris Mid Size Mercedes van, send me your info in the contact me box below.

You can call Dave the Sprinter Guy at 512-942-6923 or email dave@sprinterguy.com



Attention all Heating and Cooling Companies – Special offers on new Mercedes-Benz Commercial Sprinter or Metris Van.

This month I have helped many distributors of the products listed below, to get a special offer on a new Sprinter or Metris van.


Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems






American Standard


If you are a Distributor or Franchisee for one of the companies above, you owe it to your business to allow me a chance to give you a quote on a new full size Sprinter or the all new mid-size Metris van. Cargo or Passenger models qualify and I have hundreds of MB Commercial Vans available for sale.

Just complete the drop down box below and submit. I will send you a detailed quote with your special offer.








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In addition there’s an uplifting story about a Wife’s efforts to get her Husband a new Sprinter Mobility Van. Against Her Husband’s wishes she went ahead and I’ll confess when my Wife does the same she’s right too.

Lastly a list of 10 Instagram for anyone curious about van camping

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