Finally…2017 Sprinter Production Begins in November!

At this time production will begin in November for V6 engine Sprinter vans. We are still waiting for word on when the 4 cyl 2017 production will begin.

Any 2016’s that have been ordered but not scheduled for production yet will get changed to a 2017 automatically. In regards to Sprinter 4×4 production, we are still looking at orders submitted today will take approximately 9 months to get produced in Germany and delivered in Ladson South Carolina.

I do expect that some of my current Sprinter 4×4 orders that are waiting for a production slot, might become available when we finally get a schedule date. When this happens I try to move my existing customers orders up, and sometimes I will be able to offer a production slot sooner than the 9 months normal wait time.

I will be posting the 2017 order guides in the next few days, but there are some changes that they are going to make in what they have sent, so I will wait till they have those changes made before I post them. Here are the main changes in the 2017’s models.

  • All of the model names have changed. Now the model nomenclature is going to tell us not only which model size but also which engine and suspension package it has.


  • The 3500 with 9,990 GVWR can come in either the Super Single or Dual Rear Wheel model.

  • The 144″ wheelbase 3500 or 3500XD are now available in both low roof and high roof versions.

  • The Super High Mega Roof will be available on the 3500XD models.

  • Crew vans will all have the HOO, rear heat vent standard equipment.

  • Passenger vans will now have the roof top rear air conditioning as standard equipment. They also will have the auxiliary fuel fired heater with rear heat vents as standard on all passenger models. Included in these items are the H01 and H04 additional front and rear insulation, cup holders for the two 3 passenger middle bench seats, left and right side armrests for all of the rear bench seats and  LD4 Convenience lighting which allows the driver to turn on the rear ceiling lights.

  • Some new options that are available are a Leather covered steering wheel on all models and body color painted front and rear bumpers on Brilliant Silver and Obsidian Black Metallic painted cargo vans.

  • This one is a big one, we can now get from Mercedes-Benz the F01 Swivel Front Bucket Seat option on any Cargo van model.

  • Then coming after the first of next year, we will have a 4500 with a 12,125 GVWR option.

  • Sometime in the next few weeks we will get more details about the 15 passenger built on a 3500 170″ wb Extended Body with Super Single Rear Wheels.

  • New for 2017 is a Worker Van available in 144″ wb low and high roof and a 170″ wb with either the 4 cyl or V6 Turbo Diesel engines. Coming soon will be a 144″ low roof Passenger Worker model. All Worker models are restricted to Arctic White exterior and cloth seating, and limited to what options are available.

They have pricing for the options and packages but not the base prices for the models yet. Usually they do not announce base prices until the vans are about to be released from the factory. That should be sometime in December 2016.

So if you are interested in getting more info about a 2017 Sprinter or would just like to talk about how to spec out a new Sprinter van, please either give me a call at 512.942.6923 or complete the contact box below and I will respond.

Thanks, Dave the Sprinter Guy.



Wow, it’s been a while since I last posted any Sprinter news.

Good news – the Sprinter Guy has been extremely busy. Sprinter sales Nationally for YTD are up by 15% over last years numbers, and in August alone they were 20% higher than last August.

For the Sprinter Guy, my numbers are up by 40% year to date, so it’s been a very good year for Sprinter sales here in Georgetown Texas. And the best is yet to come with our all new Metris arriving this October. It will be a big hit for the folks who just do not need as much room as what the Sprinter gives.

My success is not just attributed to what I do, but the great products that Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has given to us, as well as the tremendous increase in the general population here in Williamson County Texas, which has been ranked as the number one county in the entire USA in growth.

So what’s happening in the world of Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vans. We are getting ready to head to Ladson South Carolina around the middle of this month for our annual Sprinter Managers meeting with the folks from the factory, vendors with displays of conversions they can do for us, and training for the all new Metris mid size commercial van.

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What can a Sprinter Van do for your Business?

Here are testimonials from businesses and company’s all over the USA who have found the Sprinter van to be their top choice in vehicles for delivery, mobile office, food trucks and so much more.

Here are some videos and stories about folks who choose the Sprinter to help them be successful in business.

Click HERE to learn more.

Then come back and check out my current inventory of Sprinter vans for your personal or business needs. Click THIS LINK to see my inventory.

Give Dave a call at 512-942-6923 or email for more info.

2016 Sprinter Orders begin Wednesday May 20th.

I just received the 2016 Sprinter dealer only order guide. I will be going through it to determine all changes from the 2015 model year, but here are just what I see at first glance.

1. Smaller fuel tank on the Cargo and Passenger vans. New size 24.5 gallons.
2. Now standard on all Passenger and 2500 and some 3500 cargo models, driver and passenger side window air bag and thorax side air bags.
3. No longer available, Swivel Bucket Seat or Suspension Seat Options on all 2500 cargo vans and 3500 cargo vans with the 9,990 GVWR, still available on 3500 cargo vans over 10,000 GVWR.

We have option pricing but will not have the base prices until closer to the production schedule of this July.

What I do for all of my early order customers is to offer…….oops, I cannot say on the internet what I will do, but if you would like to find out what I can do for you on an order for a 2016 Sprinter van, please complete the attached form and submit, I will send to you the Sprinter Guy offer.

I will be posting more details about the 2016 order guide as I sift through the 94 pages of information.

We have the 2016 Metris Specs and Order info!

We will have a Metris Passenger van and two Metris Cargo vans here in September.

I believe we will be able to place orders in May or June for delivery in September/October. More details to follow.

Once I have gone through the order info I will publish in for you to look over.

Exciting times ahead for the Sprinter Guy, and now the Metris Man.

Attention FedEx Independent Contractors – A Special Program Announcement For Special Pricing on new Sprinter Vans.

This is for any FedEx Independent Contractor, Home Delivery or Ground Delivery Route Owners.

If you act quickly and purchase a new 2014 or 2015 Sprinter Cargo Van by March 31st, you can save with a special offer from Mercedes-Benz and the Sprinter Guy. I wish I could post the special offer here but we are not allowed to post online any price other than the MSRP. But if you submit your info in the contact me form below, I will send to you a special quote on a new Sprinter Van.

If you are not an Fedex Independent Contractor but would like to know what special offer on a new Sprinter Van might be available for you, please complete the info below and submit.

I Have More Sprinter Passenger Vans Available! Sixteen in stock and on the way in.

I doubt you will find more Sprinter Passenger Vans anywhere in the country.

Prices starting as low as $39,998 for a Arctic White 2014 Passenger van that is being sold as a DEMO, with only 200 miles on it, 4 cyl twin turbo diesel with the 7 speed automatic transmission. It just does not have the factory roof top rear air, but either you may not need the rear air, or we can have a unit installed.

Other vans with different option packages are available, just click this link Current Sprinter Inventory to see everything in stock.

We have special finance terms available on all models, let me know what Sprinter you are interested in and I will send you a custom quote. Just complete the form below and submit.