33.1 MPG on a Sprinter Van!!! But there is more to the story!


This posting was from late 2012, but receives more hits online than any other article ever written by Dave, the “Sprinter Guy” which tells me that everyone is looking for a full size van with great fuel mileage. The amazing thing about this story is it was about a van with the V6 turbo diesel, before we even had the 4 cyl twin turbo with the 7-speed automatic transmission that most all of my customers tell me are getting 20% better fuel mileage than what the V6 gets. So now we have two great engine offerings for the full size Sprinter vans, the 3.0 liter V6 turbo diesel with the 5-speed automatic or the more fuel efficient 2.1 liter inline 4 cyl twin turbo charged engine mated to the 7 speed automatic.

You are reading that correctly – 33.1 MPG on a Sprinter Van

So here is the “Rest of the Story”


One of our Sportsmobile-Sprinter owners, let’s just call him JB, sent me this pic of his dash display. Seems JB was traveling around the Grand Canyon and started out the day at about 9,000 ft elevation. As you can see it’s 62 degrees, so most likely the A/C was off. And you see he traveled 13 miles in 31 minutes with an average speed of 25 mph.

He ended at the 4,000 foot level, and took this picture…31.1 mpg. So here is proof the Sprinter Van gets “Best in Class” in the fuel economy area.

Oh, and there’s more. Seems JB had made a wrong turn somewhere along the trip and had to head uphill to get turned around.

No matter what, here are a few pictures of what JB saw while on this part of his journey.

JB, thanks for sharing these photos with the Sprinter Guy and Sprinter Van lovers all over the world.

You can be enjoying the sites of our great nation in your own Sprinter Van with a Sportsmobile Conversion. Give Dave the Sprinter Guy a call at 512-942-6923 or email dave@sprinterguy.com for information about all things Sprinter.

In an update to the story about JB’s fuel economy, JB was in for service last week, and we visited about his Sprinter and the joy it has given him over the past couple of years. He says that he consistantly will get 22-24 mpg driving normally all over the USA. But in reality, getting 30 mpg is not too out of what many owners are getting with their 2014 4 cyl twin turbo diesel with 7 speed automatic Sprinter vans. If you would like more info about a 2016 Sprinter van or the all new Metris Mid-Size van, just complete the form below and submit. I will return to you the info you request.




We had this Sherrod Custom Van that was ordered by our customer, here for just a short while.

Sherrod Custom Conversion Vans from Waycross Georgia, sure made a sweet ride for one of our customers.

It was a low roof 144″ wheelbase van, in a beautiful Jasper Blue Metallic color. They did a fantastic job of fitting in room for 9 passengers, and still have plenty of space.

We can have one built for you to your exact specs. We work with Sherrod to give you the opportunity to custom build your van the way you want it. It can be a short wheelbase low roof like this one, or maybe you want the 170″ wheelbase high roof to give you more room inside.

Here is the link to a photo slideshow of the Sherrod built for our customer.

To get started with your custom van adventure, give Dave the Sprinter Guy a call at 512-930-6158 or email dave@sprinterguy.com

Looking for a custom Sprinter Family Van? Let us build one for you.

Let’s start with a 2500 Sprinter 170″ wheelbase cargo van, with factory deep tinted windows and roof top air conditioning.

Now we add fiberglass running boards color matched to the van.

You will notice that this van has the factory alloy wheels and the chrome trim on the grill.

Take a look inside

This one has fabric covered seats, but you can go with a leatherette or full leather seating if you wish.

You have a choice of easy to care for vinyl flooring, full automotive style carpet, or a rich real wood flooring material.

How many seats do you need inside?

This one has seating for eleven – but we can take out a few seats to give you room for…say a fridge and microwave!

You have to have a Big Screen TV to keep everyone happy on the trip.

Room for storing those books, toys, games, sweater or jackets can go above, just like on a plane.

You need light for everyone in the back, how about a skyview sunroof, to brighten up everything.

And everyone gets a drop down reading light at their seat, and how about the pull down shades for even more privacy.

But you never have enough storage room, right? So here is a secure area in the rear, that gives you plenty of room for luggage, strollers, coolers, or anything you need to take on your next trip.

We can build your custom family van to your exact specs. This conversion was done by Sportsmobile Texas, right here in Austin. They are an approved by Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, conversion company that has been building custom vans for over 51 years.

So I’m sure you are asking “How much will this cost me“, well here is exactly what this van has on it from the factory, and what this conversion would cost you to be built on a similar van.

Family Van 170 wb factory specs

This is a 2012 Sprinter 2500 170″ wb Cargo Van. It has a MSRP of $53,250. The Conversion done as you see it, (TV extra) would retail for $21,995 for a total retail price of $75,245.

This van sold for $71,331 as you see it equipped. Your final cost would depend on the factory options for the Sprinter and your exact Sportsmobile Conversion.

For more info about this or any of our Sprinter Vans, call Dave the “Sprinter Guy” at 512-930-6158 or email dave@sprinterguy.com

Check out the website for Sportsmobile at http://www.sportsmobile.com

You Should Come See This Sherrod Custom Sprinter Van!

If you had previously looked at the standard Mercedes-Benz Passenger Van, and left with a feeling it didn’t seem to be what you would expect a “Mercedes Van” to be…..NOW you must come look at our newest edition to our Sprinter Van line up. The Sherrod Van.

Here is a vehicle that you can drive everyday, get 20 mpg, and enjoy the comfort you come to expect in a Mercedes Benz. Rich Leather seating, heated front seats, middle row of two Captain chairs that recline and swivel and a 3 passenger rear sofa that is power operated to recline to a full size bed.

Everyone can be happy to go with you as there are two 19″ drop down color TV monitors where you watch two separate movies or play video games on one while watching a DVD on the other. You can allow everyone to hear the sounds or use the wireless headphones to keep it quiet in side the van.

You will not believe how quiet and smooth this van rides. Easy to get inside with the fiberglass running boards with steps. Once inside enjoy the luxury feel you would expect in a Mercedes Benz. Rear air conditioning and heat keeps everyone comfortable.

Here are some photos of this van, but the best idea would be for you to come take a first hand look at the van, and a demonstation drive, you will be very impressed. I also have a short picture/video that I can email to you showing the Sherrod Van that we currently have in stock. Please send me an email to dgraham@mbofgeorgetown.com to request.


I would like to invite you to come see the Sherrod Custom Sprinter Conversion van so you can see for yourself why this company has received the “Mercedes-Benz Approved Upfitter” classification. For info call Dave, the Sprinter Guy at 512-930-6158 or email dgraham@mbofgeorgetown.com