I have 5 Sprinter 4×4’s for sale!

Here are the Sprinter 4×4’s that I have available in stock or on their way.

I have these Sprinter 4×4 vans that are available for sale.


2016 Cargo 2500 170” wb Arctic White stk# GP343861 $56,475 – in stock today


2017 Crew 170” wb Pearl Silver Met stk# HP386453 $64,162 – Here any day now


2017 Cargo 2500 170 Extended Graphite Grey Met. Stk# HP378245 $62,270 – due by end of May


2017 Cargo 2500 144” wb high roof Arctic White stk# HP386992 $54,857 – due by end of May


2017 Cargo 2500 144” wb high roof Steel Blue stk# HP400262 $58,685 – due after first of June


I can send the spec sheets for them for you to look over. Let me know asap if you have an interest in one.

Great News! 2016 Sprinter 4×4’s are eligible for special APR financing starting at 0% for 36 or 48 months and two FREE scheduled maintenances if purchased in May. 2017’s slightly higher APR

This was the most recent announcement from MBenz in regards to Sprinter 4×4 production.

“All 2017 model year production began in January with the first V6 engine vans released the first of May. There will be a very limited number of 2017’s available. Current orders in the order queue will be changed to 2018 model specs with production to begin in July. Info about the 2018 models will be coming shortly, but for all intents and purposes it will be a carry-over year, the same specs as the 2017’s

I can send you a Sprinter order guide once we receive them from Mercedes Benz, just let me know if you want a cargo, crew or passenger model.

If you would like to place an order for your particular build, please send me your final wish list, name address and phone number asap as we need to get the orders submitted very soon if you would like to get on the queue for a 2018 model year 4×4. At this time I will say the wait to get a 4×4 will be between 7 to 10 months from when we place the order.

Prices are plus any applicable tax and license.

Financing is available this month through Mercedes-Benz Finance with approved credit at these terms.


0% APR for 36 or 48 months

1.9% APR for 60 months

2.9% APR for 72 months

2017’s at a slightly higher APR on 48 thru 72 months

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Sprinter Around The Net

As much as I love Sprinters and share any news I find sometimes it’s not quite so obvious to find it elsewhere. Lately there have been some great articles and reviews that are worth the read.

In addition there’s an uplifting story about a Wife’s efforts to get her Husband a new Sprinter Mobility Van. Against Her Husband’s wishes she went ahead and I’ll confess when my Wife does the same she’s right too.

Lastly a list of 10 Instagram for anyone curious about van camping

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Sprinter and Metris Current Inventory updated

I just updated the current inventory on both Sprinter models, including the 2016’s that are now coming in, and the Metris Cargo and Passenger vans that are in production right now.

For the current Metris inventory click this LINK

For the current Sprinter inventory click this LINK

September is always a great month for Sprinter sales. We have a small handful of remaining new 2014’s that have special pricing, a great inventory of new 2015’s with special factory programs, and the new 2016’s are starting to trickle in so you have the best inventory and if you give me a call or send me an email, I can send you back the Sprinter Guy offers for September.

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Have you 10 minutes to watch a video? Sprinter production facility in Dusseldorf

Take a look at this 10 minute video of the Sprinter production facility in Germany.

There is one item I would like to add as I watch the video. In the past two years, Mercedes-Benz has made huge improvements in the paint process, such as….when you see the part of the video where the guy is painting the white van a black color, what you did not see is the whole body is dipped in a vat of white primer first.

Also they are using more non corrosive metals and further corrosion protection methods to insure your new Sprinter van will look great and with proper care will stay that way for many years to come.

If you have any questions about anything Sprinter Van related, please just send me an email or give me a call. I enjoy talking with everyone about Sprinter Vans. That is why they call me the Sprinter Guy.

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Super High Mega Roof and Super Single option for Sprinter Vans – Questions and Answers.

More options – more ways to build a new Sprinter Van- But More Questions!

Yesterday I announced the new Sprinter 3500 Cargo van with single rear wheels – the Super Single! There have been some questions come up, so I thought this will be a good place to address these as well as questions about the Super High Mega Roof option.

First the Super Single

Is the same price as a dual rear wheel 3500 with the 9,990 GVWR Pkg

It is available on all three body lengths, 144″ wb, 170″ wb and 170″ wb Extended Body.

Super Single is available with either the 4 cyl or V6 diesel engines. Rear Axle Ratio is the same whether a Dual Rear Wheel or the Super Single, 4 cyl only come with the 4.18 axle ratio, the V6 can come with either the 3.92 or 4.18 rear axle ratio.

The Super Single CANNOT be ordered with the 4 wheel drive options.

Wheels and tires – The wheels on the dual rear wheel model are steel wheels 5.5×16 with 215/85 R16 tires on all 6 wheels. On the Super Single the wheels are Steel Wheels: 8.5×16 Rear & 6.5×16 Front with Super Single Tires Rear 285/65 R16 and 205/65 R16 tires in the front.

Cargo payload capacity for the Super Single is as follows

144″ wb = 4,739 lbs
170″ wb = 4,352 lbs
170″ wb mega roof = 4,341 lbs
170″ wb Extended = 4,188 lbs
170″ wb Extended mega roof = 4,177 lbs

Cargo floor width between the wheel wells – 53 inches on 2500 model, 48 inches on 3500 Super Single and 38 inches on 3500 Dual Rear Wheel.

Towing capacity is the same as a Dual Rear Wheel 3500 van. 7,500 lb trailer with a 144″ or 170″ wb and 5,000 lb trailer on a 170″ wb Extended Body.

Super High Roof Option, (Mega Roof)

Only available on Cargo Vans, 2500 or 3500 in the 170″ wb and the 170″ wb Extended Body.

Retail price for the option is $2500

Super High Roof is made of a fiberglass reinforced plastic roof shell.

NOT AVAILABLE with the 4 wheel drive option.

It is not available with the X14 Mobility Prep Pkg but is available with the C07 Cargo Protection Pkg.

Mega Roof adds an additional 6 inches to the interior height, to 84 inches or 7 feet high

Increases the exterior height between 10 to 12 inches from the normal high roof van.

Dimensions at the side and rear door openings are the same as the High Roof models.

You may have more questions or would like more info about anything Sprinter van, please use the contact box below to send me your question or request.

What Sprinter Van would be BEST for a Conversion?

I get asked this question many times from prospects looking to custom build a Sprinter Van into their personal Luxury or RV van.

But truth be told any of our Sprinter models could be excellent vans to begin your custom build. There are some options though that might just make one of these vans YOUR PERFECT SPRINTER.

But first some basics about a Sprinter van for a custom conversion. I would say either of our diesel engines will do a great job for you in a Sprinter conversion. I am a big fan of our 4 cyl twin turbo diesel with the 7 speed automatic transmission. Plenty of power and fantastic fuel economy which is one of the reasons you are considering a Sprinter in the first place.

Windows, some of these have either windows in the sliding side door or rear two doors, and a couple have windows all around. If you want more windows, the conversion shop can add whatever you want in windows. Just remember the factory rear windows are fixed and do not open.

Swivel bucket seats, from the factory are great, but if one of these does not have them we can have them added, no problem.

Some of the following examples have the optional HD Suspension package. This gives you heavier duty front and rear stabilizer bars which help keep your van from leaning in hard turns or when you come off of curbs or driveways. All Sprinters have stabilizer bars, the HD just adds thicker bars.

I have many conversations with customers in regards to rear air conditioning. Some of the vans I have listed below come with the factory roof rear air. This system is great for a rear air while the engine is running, as it has its own compressor on the engine, separate from the front air conditioning. The only negative is the van engine has to be running for you to get rear air with the factory system. Our conversion shops can add rear air units, sometimes mounted on the roof, but sometimes mounted under the rear of the van to give you a cleaner and lower roof. These units, and there are many to choose, can run from the engine or from a separate 12 volt or 110 volt electric system. The electrically operated system allows you to run the rear air conditioning without having to run your vans diesel engine. You will need some type of electric power system which can be additional batteries, roof solar panels, generators or 110 volt shore line power.

Finally in the options department, there are a couple of the following vans that have the factory Variable High Idle package. What this can do for you is when the van is parked, and you wish to run the vans engine to power either your roof air or other electrical items, you can boost the vans idle speed in increments of 50 rpm to increase the performance of the alternator to power these accessories and to recharge your batteries. The normal idle speed for a Sprinter is around 600-700 rpm. In order to get more juice from the alternator you should boost the idle up to 1200 to 1800 rpm.

When it comes to discussions about the size of your Sprinter for your custom conversion, it is a tough decision sometimes as to which van to choose. 2500 or 3500, pretty much I suggest you stay with the 2500 as long as you are not going to have over 3000 lbs of total cargo. That is the conversion, plus your personal stuff as well as fuel and any water in holding tanks. If you are over the 3000 lb weight, then definitely you need to be in the 3500 with the dual rear wheels. With a 3500 and the 11,030 GVWR you can carry about 5000 lbs of cargo. Down side, you have 6 tires to replace instead of 4, you will lose a little fuel economy and you lose a little floor space as the distance between the wheel wells on the floor on the 3500 is 38 inches, compared to 53 inches on the 2500.

On the 144″ wheelbase you have a choice of either the standard low roof or the high roof model. All 170″ wheelbase vans are high roofs. The low roof van is 8 foot high outside height, compared to 9 foot high on the high roof. Add to that any roof mounted air conditioning system that typically will be about 9″ to 10″ additional. On the inside, the low roof gives you 5′ 4″ of inside stand up height compared to 6′ 4″ on the high roof. Usually neither will go into normal size home garage or parking structures. I find I can drive the low roof models through most all of the food drive-throughs, high roofs will normally not fit the drive-throughs if you have a roof air unit.

Then we get into the interior cargo length. a 144″ wheelbase gives you 10 1/2 feet of length from the back of the drivers seat to the rear door. The 170″ wheelbase gives you 14 feet of cargo floor length. If you get the 170 Extended body Sprinter, you get an additional 15 inches of cargo room or almost 15 1/2 feet from the back of the drivers seat to the back doors. You can access on some of the conversion company websites, their floorplans to see how much room it gives you when you start adding seating, toilets, kitchens and sleeping areas. I can also assist you with determining how much room you will need to do what you want with your custom conversion.

So now let’s look at my top picks out of my current inventory that I suggest you consider for a custom Sprinter conversion. Click the following links to open the PDF showing the options and retail price for each van, and click the photo to enlarge it for easier viewing.

2014 2500 144 low roof Pearl Silver Met 4 cyl $44,230 #E5874848
This low roof 144″ wb would be a great van to add a Sportsmoblie poptop to, or one that can tow your boat or small travel trailor, and still have plenty of room inside the van for your “STUFF”


2014 2500 144 high roof Pearl Silver Met 4 cyl mobility prep pkg rear roof air $55,080 #E5914080

With the Mobility Prep package that this van has, you get full windows all around, interior trim like the passenger vans, but no seats. This also has the factory roof rear air and front swivel bucket seats.
2014 2500 170 Pearl Silver Met. 4 cyl $51,020 #E5867472


Active Safety Pkg, in dash GPS/Nav along with rear camera, heated front seats, allow wheels, variable high idle pkg, HD stabilizer bar pkg and windows in side and rear doors. Perfect start for a full RV or luxury passenger conversion.

2014 2500 170 Brilliant Silver 4 cyl $51,715 eta early September


Factory trailer tow hitch and wiring, additional bracket to add a second air conditioning compressor on the engine, cold weather pkg, Nav and back up camera and active safety, loaded and ready to convert.

2014 2500 170 Arctic White 4 cyl rear roof air $55,160 #E5879741

This van was ordered for a customer to be converted, and his business failed and now it is available. Has factory rear roof air and heat in a 170 cargo van. Has the variable high idle pkg, safety Plus pkg, nav and rear camera.

2014 2500 170E Extended Body Arctic White 4 cyl $56,130 #E5935509 eta mid July
This van is due in any day now. Has it all, full extended body 170″ wbase, rear roof air, rear heat, active safety pkg, cold weather pkg with heated seats adn windshield, high idle pkg, lighting pkg with bi-xenon headlights and more.

2014 3500 170 Brilliant Silver V6, fleet window, dual sliding doors $53,765 #E58577232014 2500 170E Extended Body Arctic White $44,630 eta early September

VIN #723 dual sliding door silver 170 1
I bet you won’t find too many like this van, sliding doors on both sides. Windows all around, front buckets swivel, HD suspension, V6 and the heaviest load rating on this 170″ wb 3500.
2014 3500 170 Extended 9,990 gvwr brilliant silver 4 cyl fleet window $49,510 #E5889192

VIN #192 pic 2

3500 with extended body, dark tinted windows all around, trailer tow pkg, additional aux battery, high idle pkg and second bracket on the engine for another air conditioning compressor. Perfect for a fully equipped luxury RV conversion.
Every one of these vans I can get converted by one of our conversion vendors, or assist you in doing it yourself. There will be a special sale price for each of these vans, just send me an email with what van you are interested in and I will give you the Sprinter Guy sale price.

contact dave@sprinterguy.com or call me at 512-930-6158