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My goal is to assist you in learning about Sprinter vans if you are new to our product, and to give you the information and tools to help you choose the van that is best for your needs.

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My contact info is by phone 512-942-6923 or email dave@sprinterguy.com

Across the top of this page you will find links to my most Current Sprinter Inventory, where you can see every new Sprinter van that I have here in Georgetown Texas, and coming in, as well as vans that are located at our regional inventory pool that I can pull from. After clicking this link you can scroll down to the lists of inventory, that is sectioned by model, and again, click the link for each van to see the complete list of options and colors this van has on it. This inventory does change, and although I make every attempt to keep it updated, it is always best to contact me by phone or email to confirm the van is still available.

You will also find digital online copies of the factory brochures for Sprinter vans as well as information about Extended Warranty’s and Pre Paid Maintenance that you can purchase for your Sprinter.

If you would like to learn about some of the different ways to convert your Sprinter van into the custom vehicle of your choice, click the link that says, Vendors for All Things Sprinter where you will find links to the company’s websites that I have used or recommend.

Most importantly, I love to talk to everyone about Sprinter Vans. It is something that I really enjoy, to learn how you are currently using a Sprinter van or how you would like to make a Sprinter van work for you.

Please come back often as I try to post new information every few days. Thanks for visiting, http://www.SprinterGuy.com


12 thoughts on “SprinterGuy.com, your online source for all things Sprinter-navigation page.

  1. jeff says:

    I just got 2012 sprinter and ordered a trailer light kit from local benz dealer. Cost was 260. Are there aftermarket kits and how hard should it be to install factory harness.

    • Jeff,
      If you know what you are doing, especially with Mercedes Benz wiring, you should have no problem, but I would never attempt to do it myself. If you get some wires crossed it can cost you a bunch more to get the thing fixed. I only use local experienced vendors to do hitches with wiring and in dash audio installs for this reason.

      I think I usually pay around $250 for the wiring installed so your price is not too far off, but now you have to either take a chance to do it yourself or pay someone. Good luck and let me know how it goes.


  2. Stephen Cohen says:

    How do I know what kind of Sprinter I have? I am seeing technical codes such as NCV3 or something like T1N. What gives. I have a V6 170E wheel base Cargo Van. Can you provide me with some guidence as to what I have?


    • Stephen,
      2006 and older were T1N, 2007 and newer are the NCV3. If your van has single rear wheels you have a model number M2CA170E, if you have dual rear wheels you have a M3CA170E

  3. Mike Smith says:

    Just bought a 2015 4×4 144″ high roof cargo van. Getting really low fuel mileage when pulling camper trailer – under 3000lbs. It is 12.3 mpg as opposed to 16-17 pulling the same trailer with 2013 high roof crew van I had. Have you heard of any other complains of low mileage on the 4×4 models?

    • Mike,
      I just spoke with one of my 4×4 owners who says he is getting upper teens lower 20’s without towing, but he tows a 3000 lb trailer and it drops to 16-17 mpg.
      Not sure why you van is dropping that much. At what speed are you driving? The big difference in fuel mileage is the speed. If you are under 70 mph you get better fuel mileage than if you are over 70 mph.
      Make sure your tires are air’d up properly. We put 50 front and 70 psi rear.
      What is your fuel mileage without towing the trailer?

  4. Terry Moffatt says:

    Have you ever helped anyone in Canada aquire a wheelchair accessible Sprinter Van. My wife uses a power wheelchair.
    Thanks for your help

    • I wish I could assist you in this, but we are not allowed to sell new Sprinter vans outside the USA. If I had one that was a year old that would not be a problem. We do have local vendors to do this, adding wheelchair lifts and other items. I will be selling a one year old used Sprinter passenger van, short wheelbase low roof in about a week if you would be interested in that. Ironically it was owned by a local customer who we had converted it to a wheelchair accessible van, but they decided to get the longer wheelbase so we had the wheelchair items moved to the new van and am bringing the 2015 back to factory stock.

      Wheelchair lifts will run in the range of $9000 to $14,000 depending on what is needed.

      Let me know if this van could be of interest to you.


  5. Mike Cavalenes says:

    I own a 2016 Sprinter and wonder what the D-clip on the sun visor is for as it prevents the sun visor being moved to cover the driver side window. Can this d-clip be removed? If not what can I use to block the sun from the driver’s side window while driving?

    • Mike,
      I have yet to understand why they put that plastic clip on the visor, other than maybe for shipping protection or something like that. YOu can take a slim flat blade screwdriver and carefully snap it off and you will be able to move the visor like intended. The plastic piece might break but that is no problem you just throw it away.

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