Sprinter Around The Net

As much as I love Sprinters and share any news I find sometimes it’s not quite so obvious to find it elsewhere. Lately there have been some great articles and reviews that are worth the read.

In addition there’s an uplifting story about a Wife’s efforts to get her Husband a new Sprinter Mobility Van. Against Her Husband’s wishes she went ahead and I’ll confess when my Wife does the same she’s right too.

Lastly a list of 10 Instagram for anyone curious about van camping

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Special Offer for Select Franchise or Distributors.

It’s easy to qualify for this Special Offer. If your business is listed as a Franchise of or a Distributor on the corporate website for the companies listed below, then you qualify.

Here are examples of the Special Offers on new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Metris vans if you qualify. Every new 2015 or 2016 Sprinter and Metris vans are available for this Special Offer.

This information is password protected because it is not available to anyone other than qualified Franchise or Distributors on the approved list below. To get the password to access the special offers please complete this contact me form and submit. I will send to you the password to access the special offers. Be sure to check if your company is on this list!

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Wish That Your Air Compressor Wasn’t As Big, Want More Space, Or Just Need One?


Sprinter commercial fleets are growing across North America. The secret that
European fleet managers caught on to years ago seems to be out. These vans are
versatile, safe, great on fuel compared to pickup trucks, and have loads of room for
tools and materials. They also provide extra protection for materials and tools in the
dead of winter and the heat of summer. Applications as varied as construction, road
crews, utilities, plumbing and electrical are choosing the Sprinter over other

The upfitting requirements for vans are different than trucks. People are starting to
come around to the fact that vans need their own products, rather than “jimmying”
in tools designed for trucks. One of the first major tools that comes to mind in which
the traditional truck model simply doesn’t fit vans, like the Sprinter, is the air

Sprinter VMAC Underhood

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Novemeber 2015 Sprinter Offers from the Sprinter Guy


It is our annual Winter Event Sale where the factory gives us the best programs to offer our Sprinter buyers!























And this is not the only offer we have available. Whether your needs are for a Cargo van or a Crew or Passenger van, we have a special offer for you.

Here is how to learn more about every Winter Event Offer we have available for you.

Complete the info below and submit. I will then send to you a complete list of the special offers and list of inventory available.


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Interested In A Metris Passenger or Cargo Van? Check Out These Videos

There’s two great videos available about the brand new Metris that goes into good detail. One is for the Cargo van and the other for the Passenger van. Being able to visualize some of the features and in how they work helps out tremendously. Especially with all the features you can find on these vans.

I’m here to answer further questions that you have about the Metris that you’re sure to love

Cargo Van

Passenger Van

Sprinter and Metris Current Inventory updated

I just updated the current inventory on both Sprinter models, including the 2016’s that are now coming in, and the Metris Cargo and Passenger vans that are in production right now.

For the current Metris inventory click this LINK

For the current Sprinter inventory click this LINK

September is always a great month for Sprinter sales. We have a small handful of remaining new 2014’s that have special pricing, a great inventory of new 2015’s with special factory programs, and the new 2016’s are starting to trickle in so you have the best inventory and if you give me a call or send me an email, I can send you back the Sprinter Guy offers for September.

call Dave at 512-942-6923 or email dave@sprinterguy.com