I Have More Sprinter Passenger Vans Available! Sixteen in stock and on the way in.

I doubt you will find more Sprinter Passenger Vans anywhere in the country.

Prices starting as low as $39,998 for a Arctic White 2014 Passenger van that is being sold as a DEMO, with only 200 miles on it, 4 cyl twin turbo diesel with the 7 speed automatic transmission. It just does not have the factory roof top rear air, but either you may not need the rear air, or we can have a unit installed.

Other vans with different option packages are available, just click this link Current Sprinter Inventory to see everything in stock.

We have special finance terms available on all models, let me know what Sprinter you are interested in and I will send you a custom quote. Just complete the form below and submit.

The Excellent Fuel Economy Reports Keep Coming In – 28 to 30 mpg!

Talk about a Very Happy New Sprinter Owner – Darren is that Guy!

He purchased his new 2014 Sprinter 2500 170″ wheelbase high roof with the 2.1 liter twin turbo diesel 4 cyl engine, on a Saturday a short while back. He left Sunday on a cross country trip from Austin Texas to Asheville North Carolina, going through Tennessee and the Great Smokey Mountains. He had about 2000 lbs of cargo in the van.

He said he was able to keep his speed just under 70 for much of the trip, and he said he used the cruise control which kept the engine rpm’s very consistent through the trip. He was very pleased with the power and performance of the engine.

Now remember this is a brand new van with not even close to being broke in and here is what he was able to get for fuel economy on two stages of the trip.

Just click on the photo to enlarge it.




I have many happy Sprinter owners with the very efficient 4 cyl twin turbo diesel engine with similar reports. That is why you should consider getting a new Sprinter Van from the Sprinter Guy, so you can give me reports of fantastic fuel economy, great load carrying capacity, unbelievable handling and a timeless style that shows you made the wise decision to own the best full size van available.

Sprinter 4×4 update – production schedule for remaining 2015 builds

Today we received a “Tentative” list of the production schedule for the current orders for the Sprinter 4×4’s.

They have tentatively scheduled out 4 wheel drive production through July 2015. Units scheduled for production through June will be 2015 models. Units with July or beyond will be 2016’s.

We have no idea of any real changes in the 2016 models or pricing at this time, but they will begin pushing current and future orders for the 4×4’s into 2016 production.

MB Sprinter USA is trying to get additional 2015 production but there are only a certain number of the vendor supplied 4 wheel drive systems that will be available. I will let those of you with orders that are scheduled for 2016 if there is any change in getting one sooner.

Production for 2016 Sprinter 4×4’s will still be limited, so I advise my 4×4 customers to keep their spot in line for a 2016. July production would mean the units will be ready to ship out from Ladson South Carolina sometime in late September or early October.

My first customer order should be arriving here in about 3-4 weeks, and I will take a bunch of pictures when it arrives. This one is a 144″ wb high roof Crew Van.

I know many of your are just now getting the info about the 4×4 and would like to be on the list so please just let me know your interest and I will do everything possible to get one for you.

In addition to the new 4×4 model arriving soon, I also have a 3500 Super Single Extended body and a 3500 Super Single with the Mega Super High Roof coming soon. Let me know if you have an interest in one of these all new models.

And finally for everyone who is looking to do something before summer to get a new Sprinter van should let me know what model you are looking for so I can send to you a list of available Sprinter vans that are here and especially if you are looking for a special price for your Sprinter purchase. Just complete the box below and submit, I will send you an email with my special offers.

2011 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Cargo 170″ wb Extended body van for sale

Everyone is always calling looking for used Sprinter vans and you know they are hard to come by. Check out this recent trade in.

This van was traded by a customer who just wanted to get one of the new 4 cyl engine Sprinter vans. This is a 2011 2500 170″ wb Extended body cargo van, with 87,900 miles on it. It has the 3.0 liter V6 turbo diesel with the 5 speed automatic transmission. Normal options like air conditioning, cruise control and power windows, plus he added an aux in port to plug in your favorite tunes right through the factory audio system.

He just recently put on a set of Michelin tires and we just did the service that was needed. The body is in excellent condition and the previous owner had installed plywood walls with a carpet covering to make the interior quieter and easier to retain the temps.

You can get many years and many more miles out of this workhorse of a full size cargo van.

Priced to sell quickly at $28,981. Here are a few pics. Let me know what questions I can answer.


right front


rear door open

Final Price Reduction on our 2013 Airstream Interstate RV


The Boss said, cut it loose. It is a 2013 Airstream Interstate Ext body with seating for 8 and all RV options including generator, shore power, satellite TV, WiFi, shower, power rear sofa bed and much much more.

It has just over 13,000 miles, Arctic White Exterior and beige interior.

If anyone has an interest and can make the move right away, we will sell it for $89,500.

It must go by the end of January, so you need to contact me asap if interested.


My first Sprinter 4×4 was built today in Germany!

Our first Sprinter 4 wheel drive, a 144″ wb high roof, Flame Red Crew Van was built in Dusseldorf today.

I know the customer who ordered this van is extremely excited and now cannot wait to see his new 4×4 Sprinter van.

I do not know how many orders can be accepted for production for the 2015 model year, but if you have an interest you really need to get me your build configure asap.

In other news, there are programs from Mercedes-Benz Sprinter USA to make it real easy for you to purchase a new 2014 or 2015 Sprinter van and get the deal you have been waiting for. If you would like to see what the special offers are from the Sprinter Guy, just complete the box below and submit. I will send to you a custom quote with an offer that you will be very pleased with.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Mobile Office or Showroom in a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van will take you there.

You work with the Sprinter Guy and with Jack Chalmers of Chalmers Automotive to design and build the custom conversion that can take your business directly to your customers and clients.

We can get started with just a few answers to the following questions.