It’s Unbelievable…..The Special Offer from the Sprinter Guy on new 2016 Sprinter Passenger vans in August!

I wish I could post it right here….what the unbelievable special offer is on all new 2016 Sprinter Passenger vans in August!

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But as most of you know, I cannot show you the Sprinter Guy pricing on a public site.  Click the link to my email below and I will send you the August Special Offers on the new 2016 Sprinter Passenger vans. I promise, you will be very happy if you are in the market for a new 12 Passenger van.

You can give me a call at 512-942-6923


Can You Believe It – 2 Used Sprinters In Stock!!!!!!


In two and a half years of being a Sprinter dealer, we have only seen 3 other used Sprinter Vans, and now here today I have 2 in stock.

Let’s start with the older one. This is a 2006 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 140″ Cargo Van. Previously owned by a guy from California who was here in town building a BJ’s Restaurant down the street, saw the new Sprinter Vans and decided to trade in his old lump for a new one.

This van has 152k miles, has leather front seats, is dirty, smells like a smoker, nothing fancy, but a pretty decent older Sprinter empty Cargo Van. Tires are passable, brakes were at 50%, runs pretty strong and it is a dual rear wheel Sprinter Van.

Priced at $11,971 plus any applicable tax and license. Might be able to finance part of it for short term, OAC. It’s just an as is, you get what you see purchase. Here are some more pics.



and look at this 2008 Dodge Sprinter 144″ wb, high roof, Passenger Van.
This van has just over 50,000 miles, and you are buying it with the Mercedes-Benz Certified Warranty.

This 12 passenger van has front and rear air conditioning, rear floor heater, am-fm-cd, deep tinted windows, cruise, full power, tilt and telescopic steering wheel, alloy wheels, built in alarm system, front and rear parking sensors, multi function steering wheel controls, rear step, and the dependable fuel efficiant Mercedes-Benz 3 liter turbo diesel V6 engine.

Here is your choice, get a new Sprinter Passenger Van for $54,000 or snap this one up for $37,891 plus TT&L.

Buy with confidence with a Mercedes Certified warranty. Standard warranty is a 12 month or up to 72,000 miles whichever comes first warranty directly with Mercedes-Benz. You can extend it out 1 or 2 more years with more miles allowed for an additional cost.

Take a look at these pictures and give me a call if you have an interest in either van. call Dave, the “Sprinter Guy” at 512-930-6158 or send me an email to

This 2008 Dodge/Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Passenger Van will not last long. Call Dave the Sprinter Guy at 512-930-6158 or email

I Just Returned From The Sprinter Managers Meeting In South Carolina.

Three very fast moving days with the head of Sprinter USA and his staff, along with about 200 Mercedes-Benz and Freightliner Sprinter Sales Mgrs or Salesmen from all over the USA.

I will post more details about what we learned at the meetings, but I wanted to just let all of my readers know the highlights of what is to come in 2013 and beyond.

Before I give you the news, let me say that Daimler is looking to be at 10% market share with the current Sprinter products that we offer. We are near that right now, and with the production capability they have, they will not be looking to make huge changes in product to “Sell More Sprinters”. With that said, any and all product changes are going to be very slow in coming to us, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t see what you would like to see in this product. They are on their pace.

First of all for 2013, there will be no change in the product or content at all.

We will begin ordering 2013 models on July 1st with passenger vans and crew vans coming in late October and cargo vans coming in November. The last orders for 2012 production will be June 30th. 2014 model year will come sometime around late summer of 2013. Here we will see a facelift on the front of the current Sprinter Van. There will be a standard 4cyl turbo diesel engine with the 7 speed automatic transmission. The V6 and 5 speed automatic will be the option. Looks like there will be a factory navigation/back up camera option at that point.

4 wheel drive, well, it’s not going to happen until Daimler in Germany make it an affordable option. At this point for what the cost to do a 4matic would be, it doesn’t make any sense at all. They have not ruled out trying to figure out something, but at this point, there is no 4 wheel drive option coming for sure.

Then in 2016 we will have the smaller mid size van, currently called the Vito in Europe, here as a smaller Sprinter Van.

So this may not be what some of you want to hear about future products, and yes you might even read on the internet that the 4 wheel drive Sprinter is a go. Trust me, it is not going to happen soon, if at all. But what I will be posting later is some cool information about a test ride opportunity to see how the standard Mercedes-Benz safety features work to make the Sprinter van the safest large van to put your family in.

Stayed tuned….

Dave, the Sprinter Guy. .

I just updated the Sprinter Inventory Page

More Sprinter Vans are on the way in to Georgetown Texas.

Besides our inventory here in Central Texas, we have about 200 units available at our Sprinter factory in Ladson South Carolina. Most are ready to ship and most are fairly basic, Arctic White vans. There are some unique configures and I have posted them on the inventory page. They will say, “At the VPC”.

We will be taking orders for the 2012 models until most likely June, at which time they will stop taking orders for the 12’s and switch to the 2013 model year vans that we will see coming in to us in Novemeber or December.

I will be heading to Charleston/Ladson next month for the annual Sprinter Manager meeting. I don’t expect much in the way of changes for 2013, so go ahead and buy a new 2012 now.

Let me know if you have questions about Sprinter vans that the Sprinter Guy can answer for you.